Bruner Cup

EWGA Fairfield's Season Long Competition

Current Standings


 Sorenstam Flight

Lopez Flight

Bubba Flight

Margaret Hirsch 66 Joann DeBlasis 49 Doug Painter 22
Barbara Budnick 35 Linda Tagliamonte 34    
Doreen Wade 35 Rita Krett 34    
Cara Vietri 22 Martha Johnson 34    
Jackie Bucca 16 Ruth Ann Funari 32    
Cindy Moser 16 Sharon Primerano 30.5    
    Carrie Dishion 30    
    Patty Davis 22    
    Kathy Davidson 21    
    Diane Vulcano 17    
    Wendy Elliot 17    
    Marianne Elliot 17    
    Meg Kelley 16    
    Mary Ellen Patzuk 16    
    Heather Studwell 15    
    Betsy Ryan 14    
    Ann Kuehnel 12    
    Rita Skog 10    
    Rhea Adler 9    
    Joann Dermer 9    
    Kathy Quinn 8.5    
    Ellen Frey 8    
    Ginger Borgman 7.5    
    Starr Conti 7.5    
    Sandra Fitzpatrick 6    



The Bruner Cup is a season-long competition in which players accumulate points based on different competion formats played during the Travel Tour and Golf Events. At the end of the season, the winners of each flight will be crowned The Bruner Cup Champion.

In addition to honoring one of our founding members, Linda Bruner, The Bruner Cup will expose participants to various competition formats, growing their experience and confidence for participating in golf competitions, both within the EWGA as well as at their local club.

The Bruner Cup will be played along with the "game of the day", determined by the Travel Tour chair.

The general format of the competition will be:

  • Open to all who wish to participate (but, is not required to play in the Travel Tour and Golf Events)

  • Two flights: Sorenstam (Handicap Index < 24.0) and Lopez (Handicap Index > 24.0). Players will be placed into flights based on their indexes at the beginning of the season, and stay in that flight for the duration.

  • Scoring for all competitions will be based on net score. The competion format will be Individual Stroke Play.

  • Points will be awarded according to the following scheme:

    • 1st - 22 points, 2nd - 18 points, 3rd - 16 points, 4th - 14 points, 5th - 12 points, 6th - 10 points, 7th - 9 points, ... each decreasing by 1 point

    • Points standings will be published throughout the season. 

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Margaret Hirsch at