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This time of year, our thoughts turn to food, family, friends and the things we are thankful for - although at some homes this week the annual mantra is "Food, family and football."

A few years ago, hosted "A Quick Nine" list of what golfers were thankful for including:

9.  Keeping the ball in play.
8.  The 19th hole.
7.  The challenge.
6.  The sounds.
5.  The places you can go.
4.  Bringing the game to others.
3.  Having an instructor.
2.  Golf is timeless and for everyone.
1.  It's all about the people.

Happy Thanksgiving and if you're lucky to play this long holiday weekend, may all your putts be short!

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Ask any golfer what contributes to a slow round of golf and he or she is likely to point out the slow play comes from other golfers.  This is partially true, but other factors contribute to a less than desirable pace of play.  Having just attended the USGA Pace of Play Symposium last week, I want to share those factors so you are better prepared to "keep pace" on the golf course.   

The three factors that contribute to Pace of Play are 1) The Players; 2) The Course Architects and 3) Course Owners/Operators. 

The Players

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The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use for every shot on the golf course.

We spend lots of time selecting our clubs, clothes and shoes. The selection of the golf ball is often quick.  It maybe  the last ball you found in the woods when you were looking for your golf ball.

Golf ball manufacturers talk about swing speed, three piece golf balls, urethane cover over rezin mantel, distance off the driver and spin around the green.

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What is a Den Caddie?

A Den Caddie is a small golf bag like accessory used for holding golf balls at the range or to decorate your den.  


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When you stand behind your golf ball for your pre-shot routine, do you think 4-7-8?  You may think these numbers are the score you may shoot on a given hole, but Golf trainer and stretching expert Roger Fredericks says it’s a way to play better golf.

The 4-7-8 is a reminder for you to inhale slowly while counting to 4 – then hold your breath while counting to 7 – and finally exhale to the count of 8.

Learn more about how this relaxation technique will help you play better golf.

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As the leaves turn and fall to the ground, so do the temperatures across most of the country.  When I lived in the Midwest, my favorite time to play golf was in the Fall.  Other than losing an occasional golf ball in a pile of leaves, you couldn’t beat a nice autumn day on the course.  Here are some ideas to help you enjoy golf this Fall even as the temperatures start to drop.

  • Dress in layers – Now more than ever, golf clothing is made for comfort, performance and appearance.  Some are designed to wick moisture away while helping to keep you warm.  Layering is good for cool mornings and allow you to “remove layers” as the temperatures rise during the day.
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What do a soccer ball, a butter knife, a roll of toilet paper, a cookie and a CD have in common?  They are all great inexpensive and readily available (for the most part) golf training aids that you most likely have around your house.



Check out these "19 Random Things That Make Fantastic Training Aids" from 
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If you attended the EWGA Conference in Palm Springs in 2009, I presented a session on "What's In Your Bag?" designed to help women golfers with the set composition (the number of woods, irons, hybrids and wedges) or make-up of clubs in your bag.  This means, it's time to ditch the 3 and 4 iron and make sure you have hybrids and a variety of wedges.  For women, it's important to have the right clubs in your bag that you like to hit and will help make the game a bit more easier and more fun. 

In addition to the proper club composition, here are some things to include in your bag as well:
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Most golf Professionals constantly hear students ask how they can hit the ball farther. For women, this means we need to generate more power in the golf swing. A drill you can use is the “Whoosh Drill” on the practice range. To do this, turn your driver upside-down so you are holding the head of the club in your hands and the grip is pointed toward the ground. Take your normal stance and swing the club freely with one arm and try to hear the club “whoosh” as you make your practice swing – specifically where you would hit the ball at impact. What you are trying to accomplish is more club head speed which will help you add some distance. Now turn the club over to hit some balls and hopefully with your arms and body swinging together, you’ll see great results!

PGA and LPGA Professional Suzy Whaley, one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Women Teachers in America, demonstrates some ideas how women golfers can generate more power with the golf swing and hit the ball farther.

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I’m sure we can all recall a time when our round of golf seemed like an eternity – you get paired with a person in a tournament or local event who over-analyzes every shot.  Or maybe they have a pre-shot routine that takes so long you get tired of waiting.  Some tips to help you enjoy your round:

  1. The number one rule of golf is to have FUN!  If you have a playing partner who blames missed putts on the direction the grass on the putting green is growing or the mis-hit shot on the old driver, keep your chin up.  Keep your composure and remember you are outside enjoying the beauty of the golf course and want to have FUN. 

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Subjects : Slow Golf, The Forecaddie

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Having recently served as a tournament official for both the EWGA Championship and EWGA Cup, I observed instances that could have helped with the overall pace of play.  Most people don’t want to hold up play, but at the same time, they don’t want to play feeling rushed.  When you look at simple etiquette hints we all know, remember it becomes a key to pace of play - “being ready.”

When your group is on the teeing area, make sure you have your glove, golf ball, tees and your club so you can hit.  Many times the three players stand to the side (or sit in the cart) and don’t get their club from the bag until it’s their turn – rather that doing that while another player is hitting.  As long as you are quiet, you can “get ready” while another player is hitting her shot.

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Here is a quick video on golf tee height.

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I just came from China to Charlotte since one year. Love to play golf and joined EWGA yesterday. Hope to find women golfer IN Charlotte area and play golf together ! I am living in Belmont !
I played golf since 4 years and my score is around 85
I need to find one partner to join EWGA Charlotte 11# anual womens open on 27 Nov. Anybody want to be my partner ? Please contact me : 7048307885 or
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If you're faced with a difficult bunker lie, particularly a "fried egg," use the sand to your advantage.


PGA professional David Hutsell

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As we all know, the quickest way to lower your score on the golf course, is to practice the short game.  Yet many golfers prefer to hit golf balls at the practice facility or play 9-holes rather than practice putting.  When practicing, remember putting is all about distance control - so it's more important to get comfortable with this, before worrying about which way a putt will break.


To begin on the practice green, roll golf balls to different holes with your hand rather than with a putter.  This will help you get an idea of the speed of the green. 

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Hi Ladies
Just wanted to say what a great crazy day of golf it was!  From the extreme heat to the unbelievable down pour!  So nice having the opportunity to meet other ladies.  Thank you again for your hard work in putting this together!  We all need to take note and try to more in the future.
Play well
Laura Kumazawa
LA Chapter.
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You Know Who You Are!

You don't care that your league is ending (that much!)

You see people "packing it in" for the season.

You can sense the earlier sunset knocking on the door.....

You can feel the temperature dropping!!!


Those factors can only mean ONE THING.


Many of us are women over the age of 40 and we don't so much care for having our clothing stuck to us, our betting money sweat soaked or drinking the equivalent of a
 Poland Springs office cooler's worth of water to get through a round...

We want FALL BALL!

The leaves are changing, the crowds are thinning and we can stop
feeling like wet noodles out there on the course. 

There is no better sport in the universe than golf.
(I'm pretty sure this is a scientific fact backed by centuries of research)
It's you and either 1,2 or 3 other people out in the middle of nature, green grass and QUIET.

You all come to chase the little white ball but you know it's your therapy.

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