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A Message from the President

President's Tee Box

Congratulations to the Louisville Chapter members who advanced from the first round of the Chapter Championship competition back in June! The following members will be moving on to the Semi-Final round which is being hosted by YOUR chapter!

Championship Flight                   
Charlene Coultas

First Flight
Amy Baach

Second Flight
Pat Palmer-Ball

Third Flight
Anne Rankin (Low Net) and Janice Mihora (Low Gross)

Fourth Flight
Gladys Smith (Low Net) and Yvonne Phillis (Low Gross)

Scramble Team
Bonnie Michael, Robin Putman, Nancy Ruley and Nancy Hublar

Cindy Daunhauer
2014 EWGA Louisville Region Chapter President 

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HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - October 2014

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  •  WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Quest 1: Where will the 2014 EWGA Cup Finals be held?
    (hint: Look on EWGA Cup site)

    Quest 2: Name a team that competed in the
    2013 EWGA Cup Finals.

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  • WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Question 3: What is the name of LeAnn Finger's blog?
    (Hint: LeAnn is the Director of Player Development)

    Question 4: Who received the Nancy Oliver Founder's
    Award for 2013?

    To submit your findings, click on the Discover EWGA icon below.
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  • WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Question 5: What do you like most about belonging to

    BONUS QUEST: Did you sign up for your complimentary
    Preferred Golf Membership
    (15 Bonus Points)
    How do you receive a free round of golf? (15 Bonus Points) 
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Chapter News

Meet your 2013-2014 Board Members and Committee Chairs. 

President - Cindy Daunhauer
Finance and Records Director - Valerie Reeves
Member Services Director - Yvonne Phillis
Member Recruitment Director - Janet Miller
Golf Programs and Services Director - Chelsey MInch
Marketing Director - Jill Salvinsky

We need volunteers to help out on those committees.  If  you are interested, click here to go to our volunteer survey to learn more about these opportunities.