• Ways to communicate to play golf!!!

    Hello All, 

          Since we have a few new members, I wanted to send out a reminder as to the various methods of communication we use within EWGA.  They are listed below.   Please review them and, in the case of the third item, the Golf Partner Wanted (GPW) list, let me know if you want to be added or removed.


         We use evites to invite you to upcoming events where we are trying to determine a headcount.  Evites describe the event and ask you to RSVP.  The evites contain a link that allows you to RSVP directly.   All you need to do is follow the link and enter your response.  You can create an account in evite and log in subsequently and add comments or change replies as needed.  You can also follow the link from the e-mail to do the same.


         We use GMail to notify you of upcoming events or information that might not need a direct response.  We also use it to remind you to respond to an evite if we have not seen responses.  The ewga email address is "".  You can send mail to that e-mail and the president will receive a copy.  Please be sure to allow email from that address so you receive mailings from the chapter.

    Golf Partner Wanted (GPW) List

         The Golf Partner Wanted (GPW) list is a forwarding list that let's you try to find partners for non-formal golf.  The chapter does not use this.  Individual members use this.  In order to use it, you send an e-mail to the chapter e-mail address,  In the subject line, include the letters GPW.  Here is an example subject line:

    Subj:   GPW - looking for 2 players at UNM South Next Saturday March 10 at 10:00 AM

     In the body of the text, describe the golf or add extra detail.  You, as the sender, are the planner.  The email will be forwarded to everyone on the GPW list and replies will go directly to you.  Once you receive replies, you no longer send mails through the chapter account - just exchange mail directly with those who have responded and set up your play date.  Once you have filled your spots, I recommend sending one more email to the chapter account, still with GPW in the subject line (the GPW forces the forward) and let those on the list know that all your spots have been filled.

      If you want to be added or removed, please send an email directly to me at
    and I can make the additions or changes: