Players' Cup

The Players' Cup is a year long competition(Kick-off to late October) to recognize and reward participation in EWGAtlanta.  Members earn points all season by participating in various chapter activities. 

How do I earn points?
Points accrue as you participate in any of the activities listed below.                       

                               Players' Cup Standings
  Event Participation               Points Awarded 
  Weekly Play                    
         Weekly play round     1 pt. (per round)
    Weekly play coordinator    5 pts. (per season) 
  Tournaments & Socials    
    Monthly tournaments     
           Player    2 pts. (per tournament) 
    Volunteer    2 pts. (per tournament) 
    1st place-stroke or scramble    3 pts.
    2nd place-stroke or scramble    2 pt.
    Chapter Championship     
           participants    5 pts. 
      volunteers    5 pts. 
    EWGA Championship     
      participants - Qualifier    5 pts.
      volunteers    5 pts. 
      participants - Sectionals    2 pts. 
      participants - Final    2 pts. 
    Triple Crown Championship     
      participants    5 pts. 
      caddies    5 pts. 
    Match Play Competitions     
    Argyle Cup     
      Opening ceremony    2 pts. 
      Competition rounds    1 pt. (per round played) 
      Argyle Champion    2 pts. 
      Consolation bracket winner    2 pts. 
    Atlanta-Birmingham Challenge    2 pts. 
    Dixie Cup    2 pts. 
    EWGA Cup    2 pts. 
    Social Outings     
    Kick-Off Party   5 pts.
    Socials    2 pts. 
    New member orientations    2 pts. 
    Golf lesson from preferred professional    3 pts.
    Serve as a mentor for new member    3 pts.
    Volunteer at any event    varies 
    Volunteer for any committee/captaincy    3 pts. (per season) 
    Board of Directors member    5 pts. (per season) 
  Establish a Handicap    2 pts. 
  Recruiting a new member     3 pts. (per recruitment) 
  Get a Hole-in-One at weekly play or event    5 pts. 
  Attend any EWGA National conference      2 pts. 
  Attend a sponsor-hosted event      2 pts. 

What do I win?
Prizes are awarded at the end-of-season Players' Cup Party for the 10 members with the most points.


If you have any questions, please contact Sara Ohmer at