EWGA Championship


The LPGA - Women Who Play Championship is the largest women’s amateur golf tournament in the world. The Championship is played in three stages:

  • Local Qualifier - May 19, 2018 at Chateau Elan Resort in Braselton, Ga. Competition on Chateau Course
  • Sectional Qualifier - June 19, 2-18 LPGA International Golf Club - Jones Course in Daytona Florida
  • Championship Final - October 12 & 13 at Innisbrook Resort, Copperhead Course, North and South Course in Palm Harbor, Florida


    • Cost is $130 which includes the fee to National.
    • In order to participate, each registrant is required to have an equivalent of at least two (2) 18-hole rounds posted in the 2018 handicap record.  
    • Scores must be posted to handicap systems by 5/1/2018
    • If you do not have a handicap, you can obtain one by activating your GN21 account and posting scores. In order to be issued a handicap, you must have the equivalent of five (5) 18-hole rounds posted. Two (2) 9-hole rounds will automatically be combined to form an 18-hole round. Email handicaps director at  handicaps@ewgatlanta.com with any questions. 
    • On a scramble team, only one member of the team may have a handicap of 12.0 or less.
    • Your flight may change based on your handicap at each of the next two stages.
    • Note - distance measuring devices are allowed.
    • Last date to register is 5/2/2018
    • Carol Berger is the Coordinator. You can email her at events@ewgatlanta.com if you have any questions. 



    Register Here!


    • Be an EWGA member in good standing

    • Have an official USGA Handicap Index

    • Be an amateur female golfer

    Note:  Registration takes you to the EWGA web site.  


    • Refer to EWGA site for all the rules and other key information.  Click Here

    WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SCRAMBLE PLAY - 2 Scramble Teams Advance this year!  


    Team Composition: Scramble teams consist of four (4) members who meet the eligibility requirements. The Team Computation Factor is determined after the handicap cut-off date for the Chapter Championship and is the sum of the computation factors listed in the table below. Look up each team member’s handicap index in the table below and add the computation factor in the right-hand column. The sum of which is the Team Computation Factor. The Team Computation Factor will be adjusted according to the revision date assigned to each stage of the Championship.


    USGA Handicap Index
    0.0 - 10.0 +2
    10.1 - 17.0 +1
    17.1 - 24.0 0
    24.1 - 32.0 -1
    32.1 - 40.4 -2


    The Team Computation Factor must fall in the range of +2 and -5 at the time of registration into the Chapter Championship. Teams with a Team Factor that is greater than +2 will not be eligible to compete. Teams with a Team Factor less than -5 may compete but the Team Factor must remain a -5. Only one member of the team shall have a handicap index of 10.0 or less as of the handicap cut-off date for the Chapter Championship. If any individual computation factors change prior to a Semi-

    Final or Finals event, the Team Computation Factor will adjust accordingly. The allowable range for Semi-Finals and Finals is +6 to -8.


    The LPGA Women Who Play Tournament Operations Team (TOPS), working with the Chapter Handicap Chair, has the discretion to adjust a player’s Course Handicap based on knowledge of the player’s failure to post all acceptable scores, or otherwise not adhering to the spirit of the USGA Handicap System.