Handicap Services

LPGAAGA Atlanta offers two options for members to establish and maintain handicaps:

1) GN21, the LPGAAGA Handicap System powered by Golfnet

2) GSGA/GHIN Handicap Service

Below are some points that should assist in your decision on which Handicap Service meets your needs. Both are acceptable for LPGAAGA Atlanta competitions.

1st Option - Handicap through GN21:

      • Free with LPGAAGA membership
      • Obtain an official USGA Handicap
      • Track personal game statistics
      • Maintain a personal golf calendar
      • Create a course list with the profiles of your courses

2nd Option - GHIN Handicap through GSGA (Georgia State Golf Association):

      • Handicap fees are $30 annually
      • Membership in GSGA
      • Subscription to Golf Georgia Magazine
      • Eligible to compete in GSGA competitions
      • More information on GSGA: http://www.gsga.org/