Golf Programs and Services: Coordinates clinics for all levels, arranges seminars on golf-related topics and develops mentoring events. Plans Beginner - Mentor Golf Outings.

Chair: Sally Bowman
Members: 2 Volunteers needed!

Golf Events and Activities: Organizes all golf outings, appoints a chair for each golf event. Committee members are asked to take primary responsibility for one event. Responsibilities include picking a format for the tournament, or play day, provide the designated golf course with pairings, coordinate if any proximities, scoring, or registration is needed, work with the treasurer to account for any money collected at the tournament, and gather prizes for the event (if applicable), and provide tournament results to PR chair. Coordinate handicaps with the Handicap Chair. Tournament volunteers assist with registration, questions, directions, scoring, etc.

Chair: Shawnda Freeman Members:

Championship Tournament Event Chair - Needed! 5 Volunteers needed

Handicap Committee: Assists membership in obtaining and maintaining an official USGA handicap index. Works with the Chapter Championship Tournament Chair on championship handicaps. Conduct handicap seminar.

Chair: Shawnda Freeman
Members: 2 Volunteers Needed!

Social Events Committee: Organizes all non-golf events such as fashion show, business networking and end-of-season events.
Chair: Teri Evans
Members: 3 Volunteers needed!

League Play Committee: Coordinates all Chapter leagues. Currently, we have leagues in South Austin at Grey Rock Golf Course on Tuesday evenings, North Austin at Avery Ranch on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday evenings at Falcon Head and Harvey Penick Golf Campus on Saturday mornings. All levels of experience are encouraged to attend.

League Chairs:
Jennifer Karpyshyn – North County League Chair
Darleen Gilmore – Central League Chair
Cheri Hisaw – South League Chair
Tania Lingor & Valerie Laing - West League Chair

Communications Committee: Responsible for all marketing communications including website, public relations, marketing collateral, brand management, and direct marketing including monthly eNewsletters, event marketing, advertising and social media.

Chair: Karol Davidson
Members:   Cheri Hisaw - Social Media
                   Wendy Malloch – eNewsletters

Membership Recruitment Committee Promote membersip and recruit new members.

Chair: Teri Evans

Membership Services Committee Maintain membership roster and mailing list, welcome new members, contact inactive members, encourage membership renewals, match members with chapter volunteer opportunities, and recognize membership contributions to the chapter.

Chair: Ashley Schoen
Members: 3 Volunteers Needed!

Sponsorship Secures sponsorship funding and prizes to supplement operations and grow the Austin Chapter.

Chair: Sandy Wood
Members: 3 Volunteers Needed!