League Play

Join one of our 9-Hole Open Play Leagues and enjoy friendly competition and opportunities to improve your game in a supportive environment as well as enjoy camaraderie with your new friends over meals and drinks after your round.  

  • North League   

    Play is on Tuesday evenings, beginning at approximately 5:00pm to 5:30pm at  Avery Ranch Golf Club, unless there is a conflict with a tournament hosted by the course.  Please contact the League Play Manager, northleagueplay@ewga-austin.com if you would like to play. 

  • Central League   

    Play is on Saturday mornings, 18 holes. Location will vary from week to week. Check EWGA Austin Meetup page for updates. Contact the league play manager, if there are any questions about play that week.

  • West League

    Yaupon, Lakeway: Play is on Thursday evening at approximately 5:30pm unless there is a conflict with a tournament hosted by the golf course. Season started March 21st and will continue until October 31st. Please contact the League Play Manager, westleagueplay@ewga-austin.com for correct t-times. 
  • South League

    Grey Rock Golf Club | South Austin   Play is on Tuesday evenings.  Start time is approximately 5:00pm-5:30pm. Weekly RSVP to Proshop:  RSVP Link