Etiquette On The Course


15 Minutes

Did you know your Tee Time is not your Start Time on the tee box?

Golf courses expect players to be ready to play and at the starter's booth 15 minutes before your tee time.  This allows the course to keep the pace moving which benefits all of us. 

Arrive at the golf course early to warm-up, practice, change shoes, check in at pro shop, etc.  Know your tee time and see the starter 15 minutes before teeing off to check in and receive any instruction necessary about the course or rules for the day.

Who's Ball Is That?
Bring extra balls and tees with you to the first tee.

Identify which ball you're playing, and others are playing. 
Note the type, brand, or add a design or initials to the ball.


Marking Your Ball
Keep a sharpie pen in your golf bag allowing you to quickly mark new balls before hitting.
If all your balls are the same brand, consider adding a "1", "2" and "3" on the balls to allow you and others to identify which ball is your provisional and original ball.

When playing "ready golf" - who ever is ready first, goes on the tee box to drive first.

Watch your ball’s flight and landing.  Do the same for the others in your foursome as a courtesy.  It's nice to have someone watching your back if you lose sight of your ball. 

Pick up your tee after hitting the ball.

Tee BoxWhen others are on the tee box preparing to hit, stand off to the side and behind the player, staying out of their line of sight. 

Hold all conversation (that includes whispering) until the player has completed their hit. 


When you find your ball, check the markings - make sure it's your ball.

Keep an eye on where others in your foursome are at on the course.   Do not get ahead of everyone even if you can get to your ball first.  Even good players can hit an errant ball and staying in line with the others keeps everyone safe.

Be quiet when others are swinging.

Let the person farthest away from the green hit first.

Give a player ample swing space when driving a cart or standing near her.

Allow players to move out of range before hitting a shot that may go in their direction.

Rake bunkers after hitting to smooth the sand for the players behind you.

Repair divots or put complimentary sand in divots to care for the golf course.

Move a player’s cart forward if you have already hit and that player is walking well ahead of her golf cart.

If your ball is near an area where a player is looking for her ball, hit your ball first and then help her look.

Never drive the cart on any part of a Par 3 hole.

Always observe the starter’s instructions for driving on the cart path only or the 90 degree rule, especially when the course is wet.

Yell “FORE” loudly if your ball is heading in the direction of other players to warn them.

Never give instructions to other players in the course of a game.

Never play a ball that is in the yard or on the lawn of a residence or private property.

If your ball is on the green, and your cart partner is close to the green but not on it, let your partner take the clubs she needs, including her putter, and bring the cart up to the path near the green.

If you see your cart partner hit onto the green, and her putter is still in the cart, bring her putter to her.

Always play without delay.

When you pull up to the green, leave your golf cart and clubs either to the side of the green in line with the flag, or pull around to the back of the green as if you were getting ready to move to the next hole. 

Repair ball marks on the green.

Offer to tend the pin for anyone who needs it.

Do not walk on anyone’s line of putt.

If your ball is the closest to the flagstick, and all players’ balls are on the green, remove the flagstick and lay it gently on the green or green apron so that you don’t damage the green.

If you mark your ball and your ball marker is in the line of putt of another player, offer to move it for the other player.

Don’t stand in front or behind a person’s line of putt when they are taking their stroke.

If you can tap in a very short putt, but it will cause you to possibly step on someone’s line of putt, you must first ask that person’s permission to take the shot, or mark it instead.

Leave the green immediately after replacing the pin.  Please do not stop to write down your score.  Please move on to the next hole and then write down your score.

Mark your scores on the card after you arrive at the next tee, and not while you are at or near the green.