Connect-To-Play FAQ

What is Connect-To-Play?
is a message board that enables EWGA Baltimore members to connect with other members to self-organize rounds of golf.  When someone posts a message to the board, everyone who has opted in or registered will automatically get notified via email. 

How do I register for Connect-To-Play?

From the home page, go to Golf Info/Connect-To-Play click the button that says "JOIN Connect to Play".  To register, provide your email address and indicate how often you want to get notified when someone posts a new message to the message board.   We recommend registering for Real Time notifications so those who want to play can quickly organize groups and get tee times.  You can change it to Daily Digest at any time if you prefer to receive one email a day.  To change your digest or to opt-out, select the JOIN button again, enter your email address and select the option you prefer.

Note:  You must be a member of the EWGA Baltimore Chapter to participate in Connect-To-Play.   If you are not already logged in to the EWGA website as a member, you will automatically be taken to the log in screen and must first enter your EWGA user name and password before you can register for Connect-to-Play. 


How do I view messages that have been posted to Connect-To-Play?
Go to the Info page, and select Connect-To-Play.   You can view the most recent posts, or view all of the latest posts by clicking on View More Posts.   

I would like to find other players to make a foursome.  How do I post a Connect-to-Play message?

Go to the Info page, and select Connect-To-Play Click on Post New Message, then compose your message with the details.  When done, click Send to post it to the Connect-To-Play message board.  Everyone who has registered for Connect-to-Play will receive an email containing your post and they can either respond directly to you or post a response back to the message board.   

I would like to include non-members in the foursome I'm creating.  Is this allowed?
Yes, because you are organizing the tee time yourself therefore making this a non EWGA event.  Our guest policy only applies to events, outings, and leagues setup by the EWGA Chapter. 

I posted a message to Connect-To-Play.  Is there a way for me to easily see all of the responses?
Yes.  Find your message in the Connect-To-Play Discussion group, then click View The Thread to see all of the responses to your message.  You can also click the View Thread link associated with your post in the Connect-To-Play email.   

How do I respond to a Connect-to-Play message?
The email contains links that allow you to respond either by posting back to the message board, or by sending a private message to the sender.  If you can't find the email, you can go directly to the Connect-To-Play Message Board and respond from there. 
Go to the Info page, and select Connect-To-Play Click View More Posts to go to the Connect-To-Play Message Board. 

Can I send a private response directly to the Sender?  
Yes.  From the message in the Connect-to-Play message board, or from the email itself, click Reply to Sender.  Your response will go directly to the sender and will not be posted in the message board.  

Questions about Connect-To-Play?
Send an email to with your questions - we'll be glad to help!