Volunteer Information

2016 Regions Tradition

Greystone Founder’s Course
May 18 – 22, (the week following Mother’s Day)

EWGA “sponsors” the first hole at the Regions Tradition. That means we are looking for volunteers to serve as marshals on that hole. A marshal basically tells spectators to hold still and be quiet, and if a player hits his ball into the woods on either side of the fairway, you help his caddy look for the ball. Otherwise, you watch some very good golf.

The price of the basic volunteer package is $50; that includes one shirt (green this year that you wear with your own khaki bottoms), a khaki visor or cap, a badge that gets you into the tournament every day, and five good-any-day tickets to give to friends, as well as lunch from a real restaurant on the days you work and some sort of breakfast – sweet roll, biscuit or the like. The deluxe package costs $95 and includes one non-transferable round of golf at Greystone in addition to the shirt, hat and tickets.

Wednesday is pro-am day and it is a long day with one group of players in the morning and another group in the afternoon. On the first hole there will be two shifts on Wednesday, approximately 6:15 to noon and noon to 6:00. On tournament days, Thursday through Sunday, there is only one shift, approximately 6:30 to noon. On the first hole we start early in the morning but are usually finished around noon.

If you would like to volunteer go to www.regionstradition.com and follow the volunteer links. You will have to set up a username and a  password. If you want to be a marshal on the first hole, enter EWGA at the bottom of the first page where it asks for a registration code and you will automatically be assigned to the first hole. When you register, you will be asked to indicate which shifts you want to work so just remember, there is only a morning shift on Thursday through Sunday. If you are signing up for the deluxe package, you must work at least three shifts to qualify for the round of golf. If you sign up for the basic package, you can work less than three shifts if that’s all your schedule will allow. Right now, there is a need for more volunteers for all days and shifts. You don’t have to be an EWGA member to work on the first hole, if you have friends or spouses who would like to work on the first hole, have them sign up too!

If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Shaw, bashaw1@mindspring.com.