Atlanta Challenge Team Selection Process

Atlanta Birmingham Challenge Procedure

September 2016


Players for the Atlanta Birmingham Challenge will be selected based on individual results from qualifiers to be held in the spring of the year.


The chapter will host two stroke play qualifiers on different dates but at the same course.  Members may only play in one qualifier.  Participants must be current members in the Birmingham Chapter.  Full handicap will be allowed.


The top six gross and the top six net will be chosen as team members. Two alternates will be chosen from the seventh position (gross and net). The team will consist of 12 members and 2 alternate members. This team will then select the captain.  The Captain can either be a playing or non-playing captain.  If the Captain chooses to be nonplaying, the next alternate will be chosen for the team.


All team members will be chosen from the list of qualifiers.


If there are not enough players and alternates to field a teamfrom the list of qualifiersthe Captain will have the right to select the number of players needed to complete the team (Captain’s Pick).

Every player will sign a memo of understanding as to the commitment/obligation/expectation of time and expense related to the overall event and of the competitive format of the event.  After play, the winners must  sign a commitment to advance.  


At the end of the Birmingham “Host Year” the team members will choose 2 members of the team to select the next Birmingham host site.  Initiated by the Director of Golf Programs & Services.



1. The qualifier will be managed by a chapter member, the Event Director.  The Board will initiate the search for a qualified Event Director with direction from the Golf Programs and Services Director. This appointment will be made by December 31.

The Event Director will recruit volunteers as needed for the event.

The Event Director will make the pairings for the qualifiers.

 Score cards will be turned into the Event Director, properly signed and attested.

The Event Director will work with the professional staff at the golf course to score the qualifier.

2.  Any issues with rules will be handled by the professional staff at the golf course.  A local rules sheet

    will be distributed to all players.

3.  Dates for qualifiers will be determined by the Board andEvent Director in relationship to other     

    scheduled events.  

4. The Board will be responsible for communicating to all members the dates and all information  

    relating to the qualifiers and the Atlanta Birmingham Challenge.   The team captain will be 

    responsible for communicating all information to the Director of Golf Programs and Services.



Revision August 31, 2016