Tips for playing with slow Golfers

By Le Ann Finger posted Sep 29, 2014 12:39


I’m sure we can all recall a time when our round of golf seemed like an eternity – you get paired with a person in a tournament or local event who over-analyzes every shot.  Or maybe they have a pre-shot routine that takes so long you get tired of waiting.  Some tips to help you enjoy your round:

  1. The number one rule of golf is to have FUN!  If you have a playing partner who blames missed putts on the direction the grass on the putting green is growing or the mis-hit shot on the old driver, keep your chin up.  Keep your composure and remember you are outside enjoying the beauty of the golf course and want to have FUN. 

  2. Offer encouragement – not advice.  Try to put yourself in a coaches role and remind your playing partner that it’s just a golf shot and there are more shots to be made.  If the player is having a particularly bad hole, remind them there are more holes to be played.  Try to avoid the temptation to offer advice – let the person seek out golf advice from his/her local PGA/LPGA Professional.

  3. Help along the course, if possible.  If the player has taken a few shots in a bunker, offer to rake the bunker once he/she has hit the ball out.  If you are riding in a cart, offer to take the cart back to the cart path near the green.  If you are walking/pushing a cart, offer to take the playing partner’s bag to the side of the green as well.  Little gestures like this may help your playing partner speed up along the way.

  4. Maintain your own pre-shot routine or pace.  It’s easy to rush your own shots and routine since you want to encourage your playing partner to speed up – but that can lead to you getting off your routine and feeling rushed to make up for the slow player in your group.  Offer a general comment to remind the entire group to keep pace with the group in front of you or remind the group to play ready golf.  Most golfers don’t appreciate a visit from the players assistant letting them know their group is behind pace. 

Once you are finished with your round, over lunch or dinner, you can discuss ideas to help with slow play for the next time you play together.  Sometimes people don’t even realize they are slow players.  Remember to do your part to be ready and move play along – so you can continue to enjoy this great game.


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