How to Generate More Power in your Golf Swing

By Le Ann Finger posted Oct 06, 2014 13:33


Most golf Professionals constantly hear students ask how they can hit the ball farther. For women, this means we need to generate more power in the golf swing. A drill you can use is the “Whoosh Drill” on the practice range. To do this, turn your driver upside-down so you are holding the head of the club in your hands and the grip is pointed toward the ground. Take your normal stance and swing the club freely with one arm and try to hear the club “whoosh” as you make your practice swing – specifically where you would hit the ball at impact. What you are trying to accomplish is more club head speed which will help you add some distance. Now turn the club over to hit some balls and hopefully with your arms and body swinging together, you’ll see great results!

PGA and LPGA Professional Suzy Whaley, one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Women Teachers in America, demonstrates some ideas how women golfers can generate more power with the golf swing and hit the ball farther.

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