Tips for playing in cold weather

By Le Ann Finger posted Oct 28, 2014 16:01


As the leaves turn and fall to the ground, so do the temperatures across most of the country.  When I lived in the Midwest, my favorite time to play golf was in the Fall.  Other than losing an occasional golf ball in a pile of leaves, you couldn’t beat a nice autumn day on the course.  Here are some ideas to help you enjoy golf this Fall even as the temperatures start to drop.

  • Dress in layers – Now more than ever, golf clothing is made for comfort, performance and appearance.  Some are designed to wick moisture away while helping to keep you warm.  Layering is good for cool mornings and allow you to “remove layers” as the temperatures rise during the day.
  • Invest in winter golf gloves – Many golf glove manufacturers make gloves designed for golf in cool climates and they are sold in pairs.  If you don’t like playing with winter golf gloves, you can at least wear them between shots.  Another alternative is cart mitts, that allow you to wear your regular golf glove and simply remove the cart mitts before hitting.
  • Walk if possible – As we all know walking on the golf course is great exercise plus the walking helps you stay warm.  Remember just as riding a cart can be “cooler” in summer months when the temps start to drop, that same “breeze” feels like instant air conditioning.  If you do ride a cart, bring a stadium blanket as a seat cover that can double as a warming layer if needed.
  • Wear a winter cap, headband or ear muffs – Remember while playing in the cooler temperatures, the fashion police don’t care what you look like.  You will be bundled up in layers so it’s important to keep your head warm as well.   
  • Use hand warmers – Many camping and sports stores carry the dry-chemical hand warmers.  These are great to have in your pockets to keep your hands warm between shots.  Also change golf balls every few holes, using a ball from your pocket that’s warm. 
  • Take one more club – the balls tends to travel a shorter distance in cold weather, so take one more club that you would during warmer months. 
  • Plan your winter get-away – as the temperatures start to drop, it’s a great time to plan your winter get-away to a warm climate destination.  Visit EWGA Golf Course Network to play a facility that welcomes EWGA members (usually at a discount!)


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