How often should you change club grips?

By Le Ann Finger posted Dec 16, 2014 12:19


A quick and easy way to drop a few strokes on your score includes re-gripping your golf clubs. When I give golf lessons, this is one of the first things I evaluate - the student's grips - as they reveal wear patterns from holding the club incorrectly or with too much pressure.

How do you know if you need new grips? If they are slippery or appear worn, it's time to get new grips. Slippery grips require you to hold the club with more pressure and thus interferes with making a good golf swing. A general rule of thumb is to re-grip your clubs once a year.

Visit your LPGA or PGA Professional for help in getting the proper size grip for your hand. Grip manufacturers now offer new grips designed for a number of variables - some with cushion under the grips and some designed to absorb moisture (perspiration, rain, etc.). They also come in a variety of fun colors - which allows you to add some color as well. Once you have new grips, your clubs will feel new again and you will notice an immediate improvement, which leads to better shots and lower scores.

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Dec 16, 2014 13:04

Thanks for your column, I look forward to your wise bits of information. I have friends who have told me getting new grips once a year is silly, but I know it really does help me hold the club with the right pressure. With my arthritic hands it also allows me to continue playing this great game.