Review basics to produce a great Full Swing

By Le Ann Finger posted Mar 30, 2015 14:40


In the previous Forecaddie posts, we’ve covered putting, the short game and mid irons. The full swing is really not much different from the mid irons. Begin by making sure the basics are the same every time. Review your grip, stance and alignment and make sure your set up is the same every time.

GRIP: Check to make sure you hold the club more in the fingers and not in the palm of your leading hand. (Hint: If you wear out your golf glove in the pad of your hand, chances are you are holding the club more in your palm.)

STANCE: Take a good athletic swing with your feet about shoulder-width apart. This helps you create a firm base and keeps you balanced. A stance that’s too wide doesn’t allow you to make a full turn with your body and the opposite is true if your stance is too narrow, it will cause you to lose your balance.

ALIGNMENT: Once you take your stance, all you have left to do is align your clubface and body. Many golfers make the mistake of setting their feet, to take their stance, then setting the club down. Get in the habit of making sure the clubface is square to your target first, then set up with your feet and body second. This is where a pre-shot routine is important as it helps you line up by picking a spot or blade of grass just beyond the club to use for your target to aim the clubface.

The longer the club you are using, the farther forward in your stance it should be (driver closer to inside of forward heel vs. wedge closer to center of stance.) A good training tip is to turn your driver over in your hand (holding the club head) and take your practice swing while listening for the club “woosh” near impact. This helps create power and club head speed, which in turn creates more distance. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Addthis Email