Starting your Digital New Year with a Bang

By Robin Aurelius posted Jan 05, 2016 16:17

Getting Social with EWGA

January is perceived as a new beginning. Use this opportunity as a fresh start to reboot your digitalStarting your Digital New Year with a Bang

universe. How you ask? By breaking out of a rut and trying something new.


Are you a Diehard Facebook user? Try expanding your digital horizon by starting an account with LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

Use your EWGA membership to introduce yourself online. This can be achieved in a variety of ways.

  • Introduce yourself online on the EWGA national Facebook page.
  • Introduce yourself on your Chapter’s Facebook or Meetup page.
  • Post a new thread on the discussion board on your Chapter website.

What is there to talk about? How about your passion for golf? Did you know that the number one way that new members hear about EWGA is through word of mouth? Share a post, retweet a tweet or write your own testimonial about your passion for the game. As an added bonus, there is a new member campaign for January “New Year, New You, New Member”. If you recruit two new members during the month of January you will receive a special gift - a beautiful, limited edition golf shoe bag designed for EWGA by Barth & McCallig.

A lot of social media is self-promotion. Selfies fill the social stratosphere. You can add to your promotional toolkit by using the EWGA member graphic. You can attach it to the bottom of your email signature or add to your business card. It’s a great conversation starter when you hand your business card to someone and the first thing they say is I didn’t know you played golf.

This promises to be a great year with the EWGA’s 25th Anniversary. Don’t forget to register daily for the 25 days of Gifts (starting today) and I hope to see you at the EWGA 25th Celebration and Golf Experience in April.