Are you a Ninety Percenter?

By Robin Aurelius posted Apr 26, 2016 16:01

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90% of the people that use social media are lurkers. Are you a Ninety Percenter?
Does that mean you have a digital stalker? Well, yes and no. They are interested in what you post, however, they don’t necessarily post a reply (or like) your post. This is known as the “90-9-1 rule.” What does this mean in plain English?

90% of the users of social media are lurkers (or un-detected users). 9% are content contributors. They don’t necessarily  create their own content, but they share, like, or comment on posts created by others. The final 1% are content creators (also known as power users). They create content that is shared by others as well as like posts created by others and add comments to posts.

Which type of social media user are you – a 90, 9 or 1. Post your comments below.