De-Stress Socially with Golf

By Robin Aurelius posted Jun 14, 2016 14:43


Destress socially with Golf

Twenty-five years ago, if someone needed to reach you there were four ways to do it. (1) Call on the phone (2) Fax a letter or (3) Mail a letter via U.S. mail or, (4) in person.

Today, the communication stream has widened. Contacting someone online via email, texting and social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat. Has this made for a more distracted workplace? Have we become a nation of people tied to our smart phones?

Walk through any small business in America. Quite likely, you'll find a worker on a cell phone or tablet texting, uTubing or checking their status. When you leave work, if you are watching TV, there is a hashtag flashing on the screen so that you can dicuss that nights show with others. Often times, people you have never met. You can play a sleep app to get your 40 winks in. Alarm clocks? Nope, those have gone way of the dinosaur. Your smart phone wakes you up in the AM. In other words, we are plugged in 24/7.

The golf course used to be a safe haven. Use of cell phones was frowned upon. Now there are many "golf apps" to improve your game.

  • A GPS app to give you the correct distance to the hole.
  • A group selfies to post on Facebook.

One thing I have not seen, though, is one golfer texting their partner about their shot. Thank goodness talk still reigns supreme. The added physicality of the sport adds to the de-stress nature of the game.

So, when you are tired of the digital world, there is still one bastion of peace and quite. Enjoy it while you are teeing up.