The idea behind a golf handicap is to enable golfers of all levels to compete on a comparatively equal basis. It is a number issued by your golf club (LPGA) that represents your potential scoring ability.  Whether you're a beginning or advanced golfer, a handicap also provides a barometer to measure progress or improvement over time.  

For more information on handicap, course & slope rating and equitable control click on the link below. 

Handicap Information  (.pdf)

The LPGA offers two ways to establish a handicap.

1) Get a GHIN handicap through the Idaho Golf Association (IGA) by filling out the handicap application form and sending it to the address on the form.  To pay the $32.00 fee, you can send a check with the form or pay via PayPal.  The IGA handicap allows you to participate in IGA events and is accepted by all local courses.

2) Use the free handicap service provided by the national LPGA on its website's Members Only section.  The LPGA Golf Management System also allows you to track your statistics (such as fairways hit, greens reached in regulation, number of putts, etc.) and, therefore, provides a unique and valuable tool for tracking progress in all areas of your golf game.  Simply follow the link below to the national LPGA site.


Get an LPGA Handicap Now!

Whether you are a newer golfer or someone who has played the game for years, if you don't have a handicap, consider establishing one.  You will never find a better tool for measuring your progress and you might just be surprised at how much you enjoy watching that number drop.

USGA's Handicap FAQ


 For more information on establishing your handicap, please contact
our Handicap Chair listed on the Board & Committee Members page.