Timmermans-Zick award

The Timmermans-Zick Award

The 2018 honoree is for GINA HAIGH her significant contributions to the chapter in many areas.

Annually, the Boston Chapter of LPGA Amateur Golf Association Boston awards an outstanding member of the prestigious Timmermans-Zick award.  Created to honor the founders of the Boston Chapter, Karen Timmermans and Jean Zick the award recognizes a member who has positively impacted the Chapter through involvement and participation; is known as a leader; promotes the Chapter as a means to foster friendships and promotes the advancement of women in golf.
Past recipients of the Timmermans-Zick Award 

The recipients of the Timmermans-Zick award are Karen Timmermans, Jean Zick, Ann Donovan, Pandora Picciano, Jan Olmstead, Emily Strawn, Kris Filan, Cathie Ellison Scheeren, Kathy Creedon, Martha Donovan, Sue Curtain, Judy Kokinda,  MaryBeth Foster, Heather Annaloro, Dee Bouffard, Linda Gilbert, Chris Swistro, Ginny Evans, Jackie Corcoran, Willa Belcher, Nancy Coleman, Karen Cardillo, Charlene Gaboriault, MaryAnn Navin, Charlene Gaboriault, Susan Weber.