Fairway Friends Mentoring Program

Fairway Friends Mentoring Program
Fairway Friends is a mentoring program available to all LPGA Amateur Golf Association membersIn Fairway Friends, experienced golfers partner with new golfers to help them feel comfortable on the golf course. Fairway Friends is what the LPGA Amateur Golf Association is all about -- helping women enter the game of golf in a fun, supportive environment!


Who is a Fairway Friend Mentor?
A mentor is an experienced, but not necessarily good golfer who guides a new golfer on pace of play, basic rules and proper etiquette on and off the golf course. Also, a mentor may guide the new member on how to participate in other LPGA Amateur Golf Association events.  
Who is a Fairway Friend Mentee?
A mentee is someone making the transition from instruction to playing on a golf course. A mentee is paired with a mentor to guide them around the golf course safely and answer questions about etiquette, basic rules and the other nuances of the game in order to build confidence and comfort in the golf course setting.

Please email Karen Cardillo  cardillokl@verizon.net for more information and to sign up