President's Cup - Team Match Play

EWGA Boston Team Match Play 2018!

President’s Cup is a team match play competition within the EWGA Boston Chapter.

Team Green vs Team Orange!

Match play competitions with two-person teams in each foursome representing Team Green and Team Orange

Players will be assigned a color team and a partner based on experience level.

Players experienced in match play will be teamed with less experienced players.

Practice events during league play and events prior to the event.

No prior match play experience required.  Will need a handicap.  Handicap Services are included with your membership!

Prizes will be awarded!

Match play basic rules:

  • USGA Match Play Rules apply.

  • Fourball

  • Each player plays her own ball.

  • The player with the lowest net score of the four wins the hole or one point for her team.  

  • If a player from each team scores the same net score the teams will “halve” the hole, and each team will receive ½ a point.

  • All points will count to the final color team score.  So all foursomes will play all 18 holes, even if a team will “lose” the match they must complete the 18 holes as their points will contribute to the team total.

  • Teams shall designate who will be the partner to concede a hole/stroke for the team or both team members must indicate the concession for it to be in effect.

  • A stroke concession is indicated with the word “good” or by picking up the ball marker of the opponent the stroke is being given to.

  • Concession of the hole, shall be indicated by saying “We conceded this hole”.  All play on that hole will stop, and all 4 players will proceed to the next tee.  Players will not be allowed to “practice” between tee and green on a conceded hole.