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2. When you are creating the account please make sure you add the LPGA amateur golf association Boston MA as the primary organization.
LPGA amateur golf association will not be affiliated with your account with our chapter if you skip this step.
If you forget to do it please call LPGA amateur golf association at 561-691-0096 to have Boston added as Primary Organization.

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What is the LPGA amateur golf association?

A community of women who share a passion for golf and all it brings to their lives. Founded as the Executive Women’s Golf Association, now LPGA women who play helps women get involved in golf for business reasons, for friendships, and for fun. Members learn the game, improve golf skills, and belong to a supportive network from coast to coast.

LPGA amateur golf association Boston Chapter

Is dedicated to enriching the lives of woman through the game of golf in Boston and the surrounding area.LPGA women who play is a national volunteer organization that exists to connect women to learn, play and enjoy golf for business and for fun. Our local Boston chapter hosts fun events, golf education content, and occasional individual & team competition for women in the Boston and the surrounding area.

What if I am not a golfer, can I still join?

A large percentage of the new members who join LPGA amateur golf association every year have never played golf! Every LPG Aamateur golf association chapter has volunteers who coordinate golf clinics to help new golfers learn the game, the etiquette, the lingo, and everything you need to know to feel comfortable on the course. And as soon as you are ready, the Chapter has organized play dates, leagues, and events to integrate new golfers into all the activities.
LPGAamateur golf association has programs to improve golf skills for all skill levels.

Who are LPGA amateur golf association?

Women. College students. Corporate groups. Working women. Retirees. Moms. Those who have never held a golf club before. Those who play competitively. Those who play socially. Those who join for the networking and friendships. Some mentor others. Some love social gatherings. Everyone is welcome, and the LPGA amateur golf association provides value to every member.

How do I register for an event?

Please first purchase your membership at the LPGA amateur golf association. The LPGA amateur golf association membership is updated every week. (It may take up to a week for national headquarters to send your information to the Boston chapter.) Boston Membership will send you an email with instructions for registering. If you have not received that email, contact them at membership@lpgaamateursboston.com To register for any event login to LPGA amateur golf association Boston website (click here). This login is separate from the login at LPGA amateur golf association

What if my login does not work on golf fusion?

If you are a new member, please contact membership@lpgaamateursboston.com Our registration website requires a different password from the National website. There may be a lag of a few days between when we are notified of your membership and when that information is entered into our local database.

What is our inclement weather policy? 

In cases of inclement weather, please call the golf course to see if the league or event will be held. In most cases, if the course is open, we are expected to play. If the course operators declare the course unplayable or dangerous conditions exist, causing the course to be closed, the applicable event/league coordinator will arrange for a makeup date or arrange for distribution of rain checks.

What if I have a question or problem with my handicap? 

Please contact our Handicap Committee at handicap@lpgaamateursboston.com

You can also learn more about the USGA Handicap Systemat thee USGA.org. 

How do I get in touch with an Alternate for a league?

You should have been provided with a list of alternates by your first league date. If not, please contact your league coordinator.

What if it is raining on my league night?

Click here to read our Inclement Weather Policy.

If I am navigating the website, how do I go back to the home page?

Click on the  sign on the upper left corner.

I do not see my question here! Help!

Please email the webmaster@lpgaamateursboston.com and we'll send you an answer ASAP. 

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