Event Paring Policy

We are women with a passion for golf who come together for fitness, fun, friendship and professional networking.

We offer programs and events where you can meet and connect with engaging women of all ages, with all levels of 

golf experience, from a broad spectrum of career paths.

In keeping in the spirit of the mission of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association the Boston Chapter would like to initiate the following weekend 

events pairing instructions..

Tournament Instructions:

Pairings requests: When registering for this event, please indicate your ONE playing partner in the "Notes to 

Tournament Director" section of the registration.  Please make sure that your playing partner will be registering for 

this event so that we can accommodate all requests.  Please take this opportunity to get to know others in the 

chapter, especially our new members. This will also make setting up the pairings and tee times less complex for 

the event coordinator".