New League Policy


PROCESS: Requests to add a new league to the Boston Chapter’s schedule will be considered after the required procedures have been completed. The need for and benefits of the new league will be  evaluated by the Director of Leagues and, if determined to be desirable, will be submitted to the Chapter’s Board for approval.  Our goal is to create leagues our membership value.  New leagues which can be shown to provide value to new members or to members who are not participating in leagues will be our priority.


  • A league should have a minimum of 8 players to be considered an official league.
  • The member submitting the request must provide the information in the below section. This
    information should support the reason for the request.
  • Upon receipt of the request and satisfactory completion of the below form, the Director of
    Leagues will conduct a survey of the membership to determine interest in the proposed league.
  • Based on the results of the survey and below information, the Director of Leagues will make a decision on the request and report the results to the Board for their approval.

Please email the following details to the Director of Leagues: 

Course Name and Location: __________________________________________
Course Slope Rating:  _______________________________________________
Condition/quality of the course: ________________________________________
Greens’ fees (9-holes): $________
Is a cart required? Yes No
If yes, cost: $ ______
Does course have a clubhouse (food/drink)? Yes No
What type of player would the course attract? Beginners Intermediate Advanced
What existing league’s course is closest in proximity? ________________________
Have you played this course before? If so, how often? Yes No
# of years Frequency: ___________
Additional information: (list names of other members interested) ________________


Reason for proposal: __________________________________________________


Have you already spoken to the course’s management about the prospect of an
EWGA league? Yes No

If yes, please note the name and position of the person with whom you spoke and the feedback

Request submitted by: _____________________________________

Date: _______________________________________