League Policy


League Policy

As of August 2017


  • League participation for all leagues will be on a first-come, first-serve basis with the first sign-up opportunity being at the Chapter’s annual Open House event.


  • To register for league play, members need to register www.centralctewga.org under the League tab; payment is expected online or by check at least 10 days prior to league kickoff.  If payment is not received 10 days prior to league play, you will not be added to the league schedule.


  • You must be a Central CT EWGA member to participate in a league.


  • Prospective members may play two times as a sub for league play, or as the schedule allows.  Those interested must contact the individual league captain to arrange payment and schedule adjustment.  If, after playing twice, the prospective member wants to continue to participate in league play, registration as a Central CT EWGA member is required. 


  • After the Open House, if spaces remain, sign-ups will be given to members on a first come, first serve basis and done via Wufoo with payment done as outlined above. 


  • No refunds of league dues will be made to members.  The league captains maintain lists of substitutes for their respective league and will make the substitute list available to all league participants.



Central CT Chapter League Policy as of 2 2017.docx