2013 Championship Series


Winners of the 2013 CNJ Chapter Championship!

Championship Flight: 
    Karen Jones placed 1st Low Gross
    Karen Donofrio placed 1st Low Net

First Flight:
    Juni Fraser placed 1st Low Gross
    Sue Shimizu placed 1st Low Net

Second Flight:
    Anne Sauri placed 1st Low Gross
    Sue Stager placed 1st Low Net

Third Flight:
    Pat Harlow placed 1st Low Gross
    Barbara Curran placed 1st Low Net

Fourth Flight:
    Diane Peterson placed 1st Low Gross
    Cynthia Pashley placed 1st Low Net

Scramble Division:
    Mary's Maidens ~ Rose Fisher, Angi Livermore, Laura Breck, Gerrianne Warren

Congratulations to all our Chapter Champions!

                                                                EWGA - New Jersey Chapter


Semi-Final Competition of the 2013 Championship Series for the Metro Northeast Region was held at Shawnee Inn and Resort. It was a great weekend for golf, sightseeing, and camaraderie!

Here are the results!

Championship Flight: 
    Karen Jones placed 2nd Low Net

First Flight:
    Sue Shimizu placed 3rd Low Gross

Second Flight:
    Anne Sauri placed 1st Low Gross ~ WOOHOO! CNJ  is'a  comin'  to  Arizona!

Third Flight:
    Barbara Curran placed 1st Low Net ~ WOOHOO Again!
    Pat Harlow placed 3rd Low Net

Fourth Flight:
    Cynthia Pashley placed 2nd Low Net

Dual Member:
    Representing NNJ Fourth Flight:    
        Donna Beland placed 2nd Low Gross

I think they all listened to the chanting of the chapter members...
Yep, sure did!