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Be a part of the largest Women's Golf Association and Get Ahead!     

And our Central PA Chapter has a winner of the Chesapeake Semi-District Finals!

Congratulations to Chris Maffey for her top winning score in Third Flight in the District Semi-Finals held at Dauphin Highlands August 8, 2015!

Chris plans to go on to the EWGA Championshup Finals tournament at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, Ca. October 30 & 31st!

We are so proud of her!

We are a very active chapter.  Please check out our Events page and League page.

Birdies, Chip-ins, Sandies


Spring Creek

Aug. 12

Rachel Allen had a birdie on hole #8

Aug 5
Susie Walmer had a hole in one on hole number 8 ~~ Congrats!!!

Dauphin Highlands

Sept 8 ~ Manada Golf Club

Christine Corrigan chipped in from 130yds on hole # 7
Aug 11
Stephanie Davidson - Sandie on hole 2
Chris Maffey - Sandie on hole 10

Joanne Smith - Birdie on hole 7
Chris Rankow - Birdie on hole 14
Helen Koser - Sandie on hole 10
Linda Noto - Chip in on hole 15 

Liberty Forge League
Aug 3
Sue Russell - birdie on # 11
Carlyn Chulick - birdie on # 14
Peg Helm - birdie on # 16

Leagues are where we meet and play!

Our evening leagues include beginner, intermediate and advanced to be inclusive to all members. We believe we can improve integrating new members into our organization with volunteers in our leagues to meet, play and assist the new member with her assimilation into our evening league. The ladies 18 holes will remain for intermediate/advanced players. Secondly, substitutes will have the option to be universal with all evening leagues, if they elect to play other courses. The benefit would be two fold, the extension of friendship play, and filling “cancellation” openings of evening leagues. New to our leagues..... check them out here. Check out our league policies here. Our leagues start the week of April 13th and end the week of September 28th. Sign up online here

Handicap Recording- Do you know yours??

Keeping your Handicap is easy.  Just record your scores at the EWGA main site:   You must have an account with EWGA linked to your membership number.  Just follow the sign in procedure and then click on the post a score on the left.  Follow the prompts to log your score. Or now you can use a mobile app!!! You can post your scores to your EWGA handicap profile using your iPhone or Android phone. No need to get home to your computer, post immediately after your round and it will be synced with your online account. To get the app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for EWGA. Simply download the free app and sign in with your EWGA Login and Password. Contact AHQ if you have forgotten your login or password.

Remember to enter ALL your scores of every round you play – 9 holes, 18 holes, stroke play, match play – enter them all!



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Hot News From EWGA HQ

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Chapter Events

Board Members are no Different Than You....You Could SO be One!!

It is time to start thinking about next year!  It's hard to believe, but election season is here!  Yes, we are going to be seeking candidates for next year's open board positions now!  As a reminder, our board structure consists of the Chapter President and 5 Directors, with most welcomed Members-at-Large.  This year, we have five positions open and are described below.  We are fortunate that Sam Haydt is remaining for her second term as Events & Activities Director.  And a big note of appreciation is sent to her for her outstanding results for making this year's events prove flawless!  Please remember your fellow members and consider who you think would be a great member of the 2015-2016 Board.  Don't by shy about submitting your own name, either.  Being a part of the board is a fantastic way to get more involved and meet so many of our members.

After you read about the positions, consider nominating your EWGA friends! This is not an official nomination, but we would like to see who is interested and make sure to have plenty of time to answer any questions. Please feel free to contact any of the members to help define their role, as we would love to see people like YOU in these leadership positions  (Again, it is OK to submit your own name!)   Please feel free to contact any of the members to help define their role, as we would love to see people like YOU in these leadership positions  (Again, it is OK to submit your own name!) 

Chapter President (Current:  Susie Opperman)

  • Oversee General Chapter Operations via Directors

  • Conduct Chapter Board Meetings

  • Chapter Leadership Development / Succession Planning

  • Oversee the Chapter Election Process via the Nominating Committee

  • Primary Liaison for:

    • EWGA Staff

    • Volunteer Chapter Development Specialists

    • EWGA Foundation

  • Promote / Attend EWGA Events & Web Conferences


Member Services Director (Current:  Theresa Green)

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • Meeting Minutes

  • Member Welcome Program

  • Member Profile

  • Member Orientations

  • Volunteer Enrollment

  • Volunteer Recognition

  • Golf Mentoring Program


Member Recruitment Director (Current: Chris Maffey)

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • Member Recruitment Activities

  • Member Recruitment Events

  • Community Relations

  • Ensure Chapter Exceeds EWGA 25 Member Minimum Standard Requirement

Events & Activities Director (Current:  Samantha Haydt)  Remaining for 2nd Term

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • Golf Activities: Golf Events, Golf Leagues, Golf Education

  • Non-Golf Activities:  Social and Networking Groups & Events

  • Special Events

  • Charity Events / Rally For The Cure

  • Inter-Chapter Events, i.e. Lone Star Cup, Dixie Cup

  • Chapter Championship

  • Champions Cup

  • EWGA Handicap System

  • Rules, Etiquette & Handicap Education

  • Chapter Events Calendar


Finance & Records Director (Current:  Deb Smoluk)

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • File Required EWGA Submissions

  • Compliance with Chapter & Association Policies

  • Financial Oversight

    • Maintains Chapter Bank Account(s) and investment accounts

    • Develop / Monitor Budget

    • Year End Financials

    • Tax Returns

  • Business Requirements

    • Tax Exempt Status

    • Incorporation Status

    • Insurance

  • Chapter Master Calendar

Marketing Director (Current:  Rachel Allen)

Builds and oversees a Team to assist with the following tasks:

  • Compliance with EWGA Logo Requirements

  • Media Relations

    • Press Releases

    • Community Calendars

    • TV, Radio, Print Interviews

    • Help Promote EWGA Events to the Community

  • Chapter Communications

    • Chapter Website

    • Social Networking (Facebook, etc)

    • Newsletters / Blasts / Evite

    • Help Promote EWGA Events to Members

  • Chapter Partners / Sponsors


Member(s) at Large:  (Current: Christine Corrigan)

Keeping the Membership informed on the Boards Activities:

  • Shares ideas, guidance, and expertise with the Board of Directors

  • Coordinates relationships with liaisons

    • Invites to meetings

    • Initiates contacts

    • Help Promote EWGA Events to the Community

  • Assists the Board of Directors as requested

Even if you are a new member, you would be most welcomed to run for the board!  We embrace having new energy and fresh ideas!!   Please feel free to contact any of the members to help define their role, as we would love to see people like YOU in these leadership positions  (Again, it is OK to submit your own name!) 

The Nominating Committee is Theresa Green (Chair), Heidi Wilt and Deb Smoluk.   You will be hearing from the committee soon via email.  Please, all inquiries are most welcomed by the present Board and the nomination committee!

Don't forget to sign up for the upcoming events:
Ryder Cup, Sunday, Sept. 12th at Dauphin Highlands
End of Year Outing, Sunday, Sept. 27th at Liberty Forge Shotgun 12:30
Regional Match Play Oct. 3rd & 4th at Blue Shamrock
Holiday Party, Wednesday., Dec. 16th at West Shore Country Club

Check out and sign up for all the upcoming events on our
events page.   

EWGA Happenings

Support Youth Golf!  IF you have a girl or a boy who is interested in golf encourage them to check out the LPGA Girls Golf program.  The program is open to girls & boys ages 7-17.  All skill levels welcome, from the new beginner to the  experienced  player.  Activities  and  events  run  throughout  the Spring/Summer/Fall;  as a  member,  choose  to          participate  in  as  many  or  few  as  you  like.  Discounted  Lessons  &  Clinics  at  golf  facilities  around the Hbg area & Jr.  League Play at Sportsman’s Golf Course.  More information about the program can be found here.

News from your President

As summer is winding down, the greens are getting a touch of brown and falling leaves,  our Central Pa EWGA Chapter players are filling the leagues with league play!
The Chesapeake District Semi-Finals held Aug. 7 & 8th at Dauphin Highlands was a tremendous success!  The eight chapters that participated has expressed a great "Thank You" to our Chapter for presenting a most welcomed event for all participants!
And a big "Congratulations" to Chris Maffey for moving on to the EWGA Championship Finals held at The Westin Mission Inn Golf Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, California on October 30 & 31st!
I was the Chief Volunteer Specialist for the Semi-Final District Championship, and I want to thank all our Chapter volunteers who participated in the event.  Your volunteerism was exemplary and greatly appreciated to make this event we hosted flawless!  You are the best!
It is time  for us to have a Call for Nominations for our Chapter.  You will be receiving an email to fill out for your recommendations for our Board of Directors for 2015-2016.  Five positions are open for nominations!  Theresa Green will be chairing this committee.  

Hit them Long, Straight and with a smile,
Susie Opperman

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