Central PA Chapter Championship 2015

Many thanks to the hard work of Sam Haydt and all the volunteers that helped to make our Chapters Qualifier for the Chesapeake District Finals a huge success!  The annual event was held at Pine Meadows Golf Course on Sunday, June 28th!  The girls were filled with enthusiasm and performed exceptionally well to try to achieve the qualifying scores to represent our Central PA EWGA Chapter!

Be a part of the largest Women's Golf Association and Get Ahead!     

And the winners of the Central PA Qualifier

It was a tad wet from some local rain the evening before our Chapter Semi-Final District Qualifier held at Pine Meadows Golf Course on Sunday, June 28th!  But here are the results:
  1st Flight (Gross):  Bree Hartlage
                     (Net):  Susan Haag

2nd Flight (Gross):  Marlene Fawley
                    (Net):  Zoe Loftus

3rd Flight (Gross):  Chris Maffey
                    (Net):  Roberta Strickler

  Scramble Team:  Heidi Wilt, Kim Massa, Kathy Kohr & Jeri Elam

A big round of "Congratulations" are extended to the girls from our Chapter on a job well done.  Please come out and extend your support as they play in the District Semi-Finals Chapter Championship held on August 8th at Dauphin Highlands Golf Course!    Winners of the Semi-Final District tournament go on to the EWGA Championshup Finals tournament at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, Ca. October 30 & 31st!

We are a very active chapter.  Please check out our
Events page and League page. 

Birdies, Chip-ins, Sandies

Dauphin Highlands
July 21 

Carol Enders - Birdie on hole # 15 
Nancy Friedman birdie on hole # 5

Bree Hartlage birdie on hole # 6 July 14 Christine Rankow - birdie on hole # 12 Pattie Hindermyer - chip in on hole # 4 July 7 Christine Corrigan - chip in on # 3 Jeri Elam sandie on #9 June 30 Jeri Elam - Birdie on #4 and #10, and a chip in #4 Colleen Salvaggio - Birdie #8 Helen Koser - Chip in # 17 Bree Hartlage birdie on hole # 6 July 14 Christine Rankow - birdie on hole # 12 Pattie Hindermyer - chip in on hole # 4 July 7 Christine Corrigan - chip in on # 3 Jeri Elam sandie on #9 June 30 Jeri Elam - Birdie on #4 and #10, and a chip in #4 Colleen Salvaggio - Birdie #8 Helen Koser - Chip in # 17

Travel League ~ Golden Oak
July 12
Bree Hartlage  birdie 
Susanne Sather sandie
Helen Koser  chip in

Spring Creek 
July 22
Patricia Gay birdie hole #7
July 8
Jennifer Schork hole #3  

Liberty Forge League
 May 4  
Sandy Guswiler (New member) chipped in on her very first night of league play!!



Jennifer Schork had a birdie on hole #3 on July 8.
Jennifer Schork had a birdie on hole #3 on July 8.
Jennifer Schork had a birdie on hole #3 on July 8.

Leagues are where we meet and play!

Our evening leagues include beginner, intermediate and advanced to be inclusive to all members.  We believe we can improve integrating new members into our organization with volunteers in our leagues to meet, play and assist the new member with her assimilation into our evening league.  The ladies 18 holes will remain for intermediate/advanced players.  Secondly, substitutes will have the option to be universal with all evening leagues, if they elect to play other courses.   The benefit would be two fold, the extension of friendship & play, and filling  “cancellation” openings of evening leagues.  New to our leagues..... check them out here.  Check out our league policies here.  Our leagues start the week of April 13th and end the week of September 28th.  Sign up online here.

Handicap Recording- Do you know yours??

Keeping your Handicap is easy.  Just record your scores at the EWGA main site: http://www.ewga.com   You must have an account with EWGA linked to your membership number.  Just follow the sign in procedure and then click on the post a score on the left.  Follow the prompts to log your score. Or now you can use a mobile app!!! You can post your scores to your EWGA handicap profile using your iPhone or Android phone. No need to get home to your computer, post immediately after your round and it will be synced with your online account. To get the app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for EWGA. Simply download the free app and sign in with your EWGA Login and Password. Contact AHQ if you have forgotten your login or password.

Remember to enter ALL your scores of every round you play – 9 holes, 18 holes, stroke play, match play – enter them all!


   Find Us on Facebook      Follow all our member happenings.     

Chapter Events

Summer Fun Events on the golf course is in full swing! 

Don't forget to sign up for the upcoming events:
Travel League, Sunday, July 12th at the Golden Oaks Golf course, Fleetwood, Pa!.
WHDGA/EWGA Invitational event on Saturday, July 18th at the Hanover Country Club, Abbottstown, Pa.
The Jack & Jill Tournament on Sunday, July 26th at Armitage Golf Course w/tees times starting at 1:00PM!

Check out and sign up for all the upcoming events on our
events page.   

EWGA Happenings

Support Youth Golf!  IF you have a girl or a boy who is interested in golf encourage them to check out the LPGA Girls Golf program.  The program is open to girls & boys ages 7-17.  All skill levels welcome, from the new beginner to the  experienced  player.  Activities  and  events  run  throughout  the Spring/Summer/Fall;  as a  member,  choose  to          participate  in  as  many  or  few  as  you  like.  Discounted  Lessons  &  Clinics  at  golf  facilities  around the Hbg area & Jr.  League Play at Sportsman’s Golf Course.  More information about the program and registration day on April 18th can be found here.

News from your President

As summer is underway, the greens are getting brighter than ever, and calling your name, so is our Central Pa EWGA Chapter!

The members of Central PA EWGA are being seen throughout the Central Pa. golf courses sharing laughter and fun!  Our Semi-Final District Championship scheduled for Aug. 7 & 8th will be nicely represented by our Chapter!  Congratulations to all the members who earned the honor of playing in this event!

I have taken on the task of the Chief Volunteer Specialist for the Semi-Final District Championship!  I will be finalizing the volunteer positions by the end of next week,  I appreciate any volunteers that can volunteer to email me.  For all of the volunteers that have emailed me, you will be included in the Matrix which I will be sending out the middle of July.  Remember, you can bring friends, family, husbands, etc. to join us! 

The Board has appreciated all your positive responses to the 2015 Leagues!  The Universal Sub advantage is being utilized by many members!  On behalf of the Board, we are happy to learn of its continued success!

It is time to think about receiving nominations for our Board of Directors.  All positions are open for nominations!  Heidi Wilt will be chairing this committee.  I will provide additional information on the website within the next few weeks.

I wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July!

Hit them Long, Straight and with a smile,
Susie Opperman


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