Chicago District Golf Association CDGA Membership

LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Chicago Metro Chapter has maintained its membership in the CDGA for the benefit of those members who'd like to continue their membership. If you are already a CDGA member, you can renew your membership online at

The initial  cost join is $30.00 with a $25.00 annual renewal rate.  New and transferring CDGA members may contact the Chicago Metro Chapter Handicap Chair for more information on how to take advantage of this member benefit.

As a CDGA member, you receive a membership card and ID number from CDGA plus additional benefits, including Chicago Golfer Magazine, access to CDGA tournaments, e-mails with your new index on the scheduled revision dates, and much more. For more information, go to

Your CDGA ID number is your ticket for entering scores into the CDGA computer system. Most golf courses have a computer station in their club house for entering your score.  It's expected that you will enter your score after every round, as long as you played according to the Rules of Golf.

One unusual feature of LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Chicago Metro Chapter, compared to other CDGA affiliate members is that we are a "club without real estate." This means that we always enter "away" as the course type (the exception is tournament scores which are entered as "tournament"). Also, you may enter a score for a 9- or an 18-hole round. If you enter a 9-hole round, the system will combine it with the next 9-hole entered to create an 18-hole round for your handicap calculation.

And it's easy to find out your handicap or that of any golfer you are playing who has a handicap with CDGA. Just go to the handicap lookup (General Peer Review) at