Just Golf League

What is the Just Golf League that meets on Thursday Mornings?   

#1 - ALL ARE WELCOME! It's a great opportunity to bring a guest and introduce them to LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Chicago Metro Chapter! 

Our "Just Golf League" is a hybrid!  We are considered "Just Golf", because we sign up for individual dates, and PAY AT THE COURSE. No need to commit to a full session of dates. We provide flexibility for people who happen to have extra free time on Thursday mornings. Many times we continue our fun over lunch!

We are a League in a sense, because many of us play every week. The neat thing about this League is that everyone is asked to take part in making it happen by helping to establish our schedule. A Hostess, selects a date, a course, and arranges Tee Times.  She informs our Coordinator who post the information on our website so everyone can see it and sign up!  Two days before the date, enrollment will be shared with the Hostess. Then she will email everyone with their Tee Times.  

Please be considerate and SIGN UP, don't just SHOW UP!  We usually schedule 3-4 Tee Times around 9:00am.


Contact Chris Busch our coordinator, if you have questions.  JustGolfLeague@lpgaamateurschicago.com