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Congratulations to Abbie Green -  The EWGA Columbus Chapter Birdie Queen of 2014!!


Orange Barrel 2014 Results

Thanks so much to those who participated in this year's competition!  Win or lose, it's how the game is played and you ladies displayed great sportsmanship and integrity.  We congratulate the Dayton Chapter on their win ... which they enthusiastically enjoyed.  Columbus participants were very much on the high road and looking forward to another go at it in 2015!
Our Chapter will be responsible next year for the planning of this rivalry event and the development of the competitive playing format.  The same course has been tentatively booked for the first Saturday in August of 2015. We have plenty of time to practice and recruit players to help win back that Orange Barrel!!!
C'mon girls ... let's ramp it up!  There is no doubt that trophy will be OURS in 2015!!!!!
Darlene K. Shaw
Columbus Chapter Coordinator for
The I-70 Orange Barrel Challenge



2014 - 2015

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HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - October 2014

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  •  WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Quest 1: Where will the 2014 EWGA Cup Finals be held?
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    Quest 2: Name a team that competed in the
    2013 EWGA Cup Finals.

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  • WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Question 3: What is the name of LeAnn Finger's blog?
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    Question 4: Who received the Nancy Oliver Founder's
    Award for 2013?

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  • WEEK 5 - Final Week!

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The results are in!  Please welcome the new board members
for the 2015 season:

President:  Darlene Shaw

Member Services Director:  Karen Hudson

Events & Activities Director:  Abbie Green

Finance & Records Director:  Amy Wentz

Marketing Director:  Chris Harrington

Golf Programs & Services Director:  Deb Ballam
Communications Director:  Maria Pyne
Member Recruitment:  Jane McGinnis

And a very BIG thank you to those who served on the board and volunteered this past season!

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