Entries are open to all EWGA members in good standing who:

1) Are female amateur golfers*
2) Have a verifiable USGA Handicap Index**

EWGA Member-in-Good-Standing
Prior to registering for the EWGA Cup and at any level of advancement, players must be EWGA members with current membership processed and on record at EWGA.  


Players must have an established USGA Handicap Index and have an equivalent of three (3) 18-hole scores, or their equivalent, posted to their handicap record in the current year prior to the handicap cut-off date for their respective Qualifier. 

At any time during the EWGA Cup matches, the Committee reserves the right to adjust a player’s Course Handicap if her performance is not reflective of her Handicap Index, or based on knowledge of the player’s failure to post all acceptable scores, or otherwise not observing the spirit of the USGA Handicap System.

The Index must be verifiable and up-to-date by the effective date published for each level of competition in order to be eligible for competition. Competitors at all levels of the EWGA Cup will be responsible for ensuring that their verified Handicap Index is accurate. Disputes to the verified index must be supported by printed verification based on the published handicap verification date.

Players with less than the minimum required scores posted in the current year will not be eligible to compete.  To establish a USGA Handicap Index, a player must post the equivalent of at least five (5) 18-hole scores prior to the next handicap revision date.  All handicaps are revised on the 1st and the 15th of each month during the active posting season established by the local licensed golf association.

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Respective registration links can be found on each Regional Qualifier page

 **When determining the course handicap for Qualifiers and Cup Finals, team members with indexes higher than 40.4 will play with a Course Handicap equal to that of a player with a 40.4 Handicap Index.