Event Format

Event Format

Match Play:
Team event comprised of 18 holes of Four-Ball* on Day 1 and 18 holes of Singles** on Day 2. All participants must have a basic knowledge of Match Play rules set forth by the USGA. 100% Handicaps will be used to determine the number of strokes a player gives or receives for a match.

Competitors earn 1 point for a win, and ½ point for a halved match towards their team’s total. Four teams at each Qualifier will advance to compete for the EWGA Cup.

Match Pairings:
All Singles matches will be created by the EWGA Tournament Operations (TOPS) Committee based on Course Handicaps. Every attempt will be made to keep the spread between opponents' Course Handicaps to 6 or less strokes.

In the Four-Ball matches, Team captains will select the players from their team that will play together in each match (see the limitation on Course Handicap spreads below). The TOPS Committee will create the matches between teams based on the Course Handicaps of the team pairs.

Singles Matches - where available, the following yardage ranges will be used:
Handicap Indexes of 12 or less: 5400 – 5800 yards
Handicap Indexes of 12.1 to 40.4: 4700 – 5400 yards
NOTE: Whenever possible, opponents will play from the same tees. If circumstances require opponents to play from different tees, Course Handicaps will be adjusted per Section 3.5 of the USGA Handicap System manual - Players Competing from Different Tees

Four Ball Matches - all opponents will play from the same tees with a range of 5300 - 5500 yards.

Four Ball Handicap Allowances:
Adjustments are made to every player in each pairing. The player with the lowest handicap in the pairing is reduced to scratch. The Course Handicaps of the remaining players are reduced by the Course Handicap of the lowest player.

Example: Players A, B, C and D have Course Handicaps of 5, 10, 15 and 20 respectively. Player A plays to scratch (a zero handicap), B receives 5 strokes, C receives 10 strokes, and D receives 15 strokes.

Within a pairing, the maximum number of strokes between team members’ Course Handicaps is six (6) strokes. If adjustments are needed to maintain the 6-stroke spread, the higher handicap player’s Course Handicap will be reduced.

Example: Player A has a Course Handicap of 15 and Player B has Course Handicap of 26. Player B’s Course Handicap would be reduced to 21 to maintain the 6-stroke spread. 

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*Four Ball Match Play - A match in which two players play their better ball against the better ball of two other players.
All players play their own ball. The lower net score of the two players is the team score on the hole.

**Singles Match Play - A match in which one player plays against another player. Scoring is hole by hole.