Team Substitution Policy

If an individual player is unable to compete at any level of the EWGA Cup, a substitution will be permitted. In order to maintain the integrity of the original team, the number of substitutions for a team that is advancing to Cup Finals is limited to three players. If there are not 5 original members advancing, the team must submit a Decline to Advance form.

All substitutes must meet the EWGA Cup eligibility requirements and be registered to play seven (7) days prior to the start of competition. After the 7-day deadline, if a player withdraws no substitution will be allowed. In Singles play, the team will forfeit the match. For the Four-Ball matches, the player without a partner will play a Best-Ball format – their ball against the best ball of the other two opponents in the match.

Click here for a Player Substitution Form for Qualifier Play

Click here for a Player Substitution Form for Finals