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Welcome to the EWGA's Prep 2 Play area, loaded with tools and tips created specifically for you and your journey in the EWGA Championship! 

The material below provides tons of useful information, including: registration help, advice from previous participants, an EWGA Championship website tour, informational articles and videos, rules quizzes, and much, much more! Check out these resources as you Prep 2 Play in the EWGA Championship and set yourself up for success.

Everyone can be a champion, so take your game to the next level and Prep 2 Play!

Golf Tips and Strategies


Mark the Ball


Prepare for Competition

In recent years, new ways to mark a golf ball have sprouted everywhere. Most golf ball manufacturers offer customized golf balls; a particular number, picture, and/or color to aid in identifying your ball. CLICK HERE to read more...

  You will want to incorporate the use of an effective alignment mark on your golf ball into your game. There are three (3) areas you can utilize the mark on your ball to assist in aim. CLICK HERE to read more...

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Quiz Spotlight

 Conditions of Competition (Hard Card) Knowledge Quiz  
Take a few minutes to review the EWGA Conditions of Competition (Hard Card) and then test your knowledge by taking the online quiz. It's only a few questions, but be sure to read carefully and apply the information you found in the Conditions of Competition (Hard Card).

Take the Conditions of Competition (Hard Card) Knowledge Quiz now!

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How To Register

Championship Website Tour

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Championship Tips

How To Get The Most Out of Your Experience    Championship Bucks 


 A Good Competitor Is...    Tips for 1st Time Competitors

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