Executive Women’s Golf Association of Fort Lauderdale has over 200 High-Powered Executive Women and Business Owners.

EWGA is all about connecting women through golf. We want each and every one of our participant members to make friends, have fun and enjoy the many benefits of being a member of the EWGA.


As a Ft. Lauderdale Area Chapter sponsor, you will gain many business connections and business benefits with amazing women.


According to a national survey by the PGA of America in 2010, the EWGA demonstrates the “Power of the Purse!” An EWGA chapter with 140 members or more generates on average, $550,000 in annual golf related spending, spending more money than the average golfer. Imagine the possibilities of revenue from other spending.


·         Women spend 20% more than men on golf equipment

·         Women spend 50% more than men on social activities surrounding golf

·         Women account for 50% of new auto sales

·         Women spend 10% of their annual income on clothes

·         Women spend 5% of their annual income on cosmetics (including soaps, perfume, hair care products)

·         Women spend 5% of their annual income on travel

·         Women spend 2% of their annual income on luxury items

·         Women account for over 80% of consumer spending decisions


Golf is a great relationship builder and businesses can maximize membership by being a chapter sponsor.

Sponsoring the EWGA Fort Lauderdale Area Chapter provides a business with the following:


·         Direct link to an influential and loyal audience of professional and dynamic local women with purchasing power both professionally and personally

·         Opportunity to actively demonstrate the company’s commitment to women’s initiatives

·         A relationship building tool to reach the primary household influencer

·         Cost-effective way to showcase business and company expertise

·         Inexpensive method of advertising

·         Contact with over 160 executive women interested in golf


We are a unique and influential group of women so why not let us help promote your business and services.


All sponsors’ names will appear on the Fort Lauderdale Area Chapter's Home webpage and in their bi-weekly newsletter.


EWGA Ft. Lauderdale is looking forward to many golf events and social activities throughout the coming year.
In order for us to accomplish our goals, we need the support of our generous sponsors.

Our sponsors are the key to give us the opportunity to WOW our membership at every event.
In addition, our goal is to help increase your sales and awareness as we grow and retain our membership.

Equally important is for every member to support our sponsors. This is a win-win opportunity! Women

are confident in conducting business with people and names they know. What better way to build relationships than on the golf course and through the EWGA Ft. LAUDERDALE AREA CHAPTER.