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  • As you might have heard, we recently launched a brand new Member Clubhouse to help streamline the way in which EWGA members join or renew their membership, register for an event or update their handicap. Now, we want to encourage our 11,500 members to get in there and check...
  • The Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA) has recently launched its brand new Member Clubhouse , with the primary goal of streamlining and enhancing the EWGA membership experience for its nearly 11,500 members. This new Member Clubhouse will be your one-stop shop to join or renew your membership, register...
  • This is the latest entry in a monthly blog series from Jane Geddes, a two-time LPGA Major Champion and current CEO of the EWGA. In this edition, Geddes shares her thoughts on EWGA's recently announced Strategic Alliance with the LPGA
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  • In addition to having clubs you like in your bag, there are additional accessories to keep in your bag to make your round comfortable. You may not need all the items during every round, but it’s good to have these items in your bag, should you need them. Take an inventory of what’s in your bag and add the missing items below, before you head out...
  • Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, you likely have goals when it comes to your golf game. You may want to practice a specific part of your game (short game or putting), take additional lessons or maybe shoot a specific score or achieve a certain handicap. As part of starting a new golf season properly, make a list of some goals you...
  • As we just flipped the calendar, many people start the New Year with a list of New Year’s Resolutions. Common resolutions include the typical things like exercising more, eating smarter, losing weight, etc. but how many of you have Golf Resolutions? Who doesn’t want to play more? But have you taken time to sit down and plan some golf resolutions...

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