Rules & Handicap


  Rules of Golf with Notes on Etiquette PDF (will open in a new window)
  Golf Handicaps PDF (will open in a new window)

LPGA-Amateur Golf Association Long Island offers Rules, Etiquette and Handicap seminars each year.
The documents above are discussed at these seminars.

If you are new to golf reading these documents is not a substitute for attending the seminar.

Rules Questions or Issues, contact Sandra Hutchins, LPGA AGA LI Rules Chair at

For Handicap Questions or Issues, contact Patrice Franco, LPGA AGA LI Handicap Chair at

To SIGN UP or RE-ACTIVATE Your GHIN or GN21 Handicap, follow these instructions:


Once you establish or renew a GHIN Handicap, You can post scores either on a computer or via a smart phone/device.
The App  is the easiest way to post scores:
Download the MGA App (preferred as this is our Regional Golf Association and you can get local info here) or GHIN App.  

To post on a computer, go to You can either Log In to view your handicap record and post scores, or simply click on “Post Scores” on the menu. Enter your GHIN # and last name to post. 

LPGA Amateur Golf Association (GN21):

The GN21 handicap Service is free as part of your LPGA Amateur Golf Association Membership. 

To Activate or Reactivate (your account is deactivated if you haven’t posted scores in over a year), contact the Rules and Handicap Chair at

To post from a smart phone/device, download the LPGA Amateur Golf Association App.

When posting from a computer, you can only access the Handicap system through the Member Clubhouse. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to click on LOGIN to Members Clubhouse located in the middle of the page.
  2. Once you have logged into the Member Clubhouse, click on the “My Handicap” tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click  the POST SCORE button.  This will take you to the GolfNet link where you can record your scores.