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Get Engaged with EWGA

EWGA Membership Campaign 2015

“Get Engaged” with EWGA

Membership Campaign 2015


Are you ready to Get Engaged?  We have a proposal for you! 

Make a list of your friends.  Invite them to an EWGA event with you.   Share your story about what EWGA means to you.  And then pop the question! 

DO – be prepared to tell them about the FUN side of golf. 

DO – let them know all skill levels are welcome – even brand new golfers.

DO – share the exciting chance to meet new women for golf, and business and fun.

DON’T – make it too complicated.  Explain how they can just sign up and show up and get out on the course.

DON’T – expect an immediate answer.  Some women need to get engaged first!  They need to try EWGA out before they commit!

Three easy steps to get your friends (and you) engaged:  

  1. Download EWGA applications, request a few from member services, or encourage your friends to join online at
  2. Write your name on the member referral line of the application (or remind your friends to enter your name if they are joining online).
  3. Have your friends submit their application either online or via mail or fax.

There will be fun, shiny, bling prizes for every member who recruits 3 or more new members during this membership campaign.  Three ways to keep track of members who are ‘getting engaged’ and earning prizes:

  • The current list of recruiters will be posted in the EWGA Member Clubhouse at the end of each month. 
  • You can link to the list:
  • The ‘Get Engaged’ graphic (green with EWGA bling) will be in the scrolling features under the Hot News box on your Chapter website.

Get Engaged” with EWGAand Live Happily Ever After!

The “Get Engaged” Membership Campaign runs from January 1 through May 31. 

Prizes will be sent to qualified recruiters in June.