NCGA Tournament Information

From your Chapter Handicap chair:

The NCGA 2017 tournament season has officially begun. If you like to compete, you should see several tournaments that fit you. Several of us have competed in the Women's Net Amateur in the past and brought home trophies. I have also competed in the Women's Four-Ball which I recommend, as well. Check 'em out. Some of these competitions have qualifiers. Please plan ahead for them.

If you are interested, register for the competition at the link on our Chapter Events page. Click the following link for more information on NCGA Tournaments.

Registration information for the following NCGA competitions:

  1. Women only Net competitions (you may register online yourself)
  2. Associate Club competitions (you will need to get an NCGA entry form from Starla Chimienti)


 Women's Net Amateur Championship

Entries Close: June 25, 2017

Championship Dates: July 17-18, 2017 - Fee: $140/player - Site: Poppy Hills GC

Format: 36 holes (2 days) stroke play. Play will be at 100% of course handicap.


Northern California Women's Four-Ball Net Championship

Entries Close: October 22, 2017

Championship Dates: Nov. 15-16, 2017 - Fee: $400/team - Site: Poppy Hills GC

Format: 36 holes (2 days) stroke play. Play will be at 95% of course handicap.

Pairs should team up with someone close to your handicap.


Please note - There are other competitions that are NOT women (only) such as Senior Net Championship where you play to 100% of the course handicap. And also, Two-Person Scramble Championship where you play to 35% of lower course handicap and 15% of the higher course handicap.

If you are interested, just click on "competition" at the following site to view/register: NCGA Competitions 



 Associate Club* Four-Ball Net - (2-golfer team)

Team entry by: April 30, 2017

**Sectional Qualifying: May 25, 2017 - $142/team - Sites: Poppy Ridge, Paradise Valley or Metropolitan

Championship Proper June 19-20, 2017 - $360/team Sites: Poppy Hills & Quail Lodge

Format: 2-golfer better ball - Must play to a Max Index of 18.4

Senior Four-Ball Net - (2-golfer team) -

Senior: Must be 55 by September 7, 2017

Team entry by: July 9, 2017

**Sectional Qualifying: August 2, 2017 - Fee: $142/team - Site: Metropolitan

Championship Proper: September 7-8, 2017 - Fee: $290/team - Site: Poppy Hills

Format: 2-golfer Better Ball - Must play to a Max Index of 18.4

Associate Club* Net Amateur Championship - (1 or 2 golfers) Site: Poppy Hills

Entry by: August 6, 2017

**Sectional Qualifier: August 30, 2017 - Fee: $71/golfer - Sites: Blue Rock, Paradise Valley or Tilden

Championship Proper: October 9-10, 2017 - Fee: $160/golfer - Site: Poppy Hills

Format: 36 holes (18/day) Players receive 100% of course handicap

 * Please note that our chapter can only send one golfer or one team to each of the Associate Club competitions except for the Associate Club NET Amateur, where we can send two. You can only sign up through Starla Chimienti if you are on our NCGA Roster (EWGA Northeast Bay). She will have the Associate Club forms and the Championship Handbook at the kickoff for everyone to see.

 **Contact Starla Chimienti if you are interested, and she will let you know of additional qualifying sites for any particular qualifier competition.

Starla Chimienti

Handicap Chair