How do I Establish a Handicap


Establishing a golf handicap:


The USGA (United States Golf Association) is the game's governing body, dedicated to serving all golfers. As per the recent USGA’s Membership Engagement Initiative, each region will have a single AGA (Allied Golf Association) to issue handicaps, course ratings, and issuance of amateur status reinstatement while serving women, men and junior golfers. The SCGA (Southern California Golf Association) is Southern California’s AGA and will issue GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) numbers to members.


GHIN membership is independent of belonging to EWGA-OC, but can be facilitated through your membership to EWGA-OC. Currently, the cost to become a member of the handicapping system and belonging to SCGA is $36. EWGA-OC has a direct link where you may sign-up and pay online. Or if you already have a GHIN number, you may go straight to the link and renew.

Membership includes:

  • SCGA/USGA Handicap Index
  • Access to Tournaments (All Skill Levels)
  • Discounted Tee Times
  • Access to Premier Private Facilities
  • Subscription to FORE magazine
  • Worldwide Golf Discount Card


This fee is independent of your EWGA membership fees. If you do not have a GHIN number, SCGA will assign you one. You would then record your scores at the golf course,, or the GHIN app on your phone. Once you have recorded five scores, you will be issued a handicap index used to determine your handicap on golf courses.


You may also join SCGA through other clubs, at various golf stores or online.




By joining EWGA, you are offered a complimentary handicap service through Golfnet. With this service you may go directly to the EWGA website and post scores using your EWGA ID number. This handicap system is recognized for EWGA sponsored events. Golfnet does not provide you with a GHIN number and as such may preclude participating in other golf events not sponsored by EWGA.


Any questions please contact:


Judy Hoyt, Handicap Chair



Updated 11/22/2017