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January 16, 2017

Hello EWGA-OC Members!

You may or may not have noticed that there have been a few changes this year in our event set-up.  We thought we should give our members a heads-up and share the thought process behind some of these changes.

Without a volunteer to be Events Director, we are a little short staffed on the board.  Fortunately, we have experienced event leads for our different event types and plan on providing a full calendar of great golf experiences.  To improve the quality of events, we consciously reduced the overall number of events from 80 to 60.  The reductions came primarily in Twilight events and by combining Fairway Friends with Open Play.   However, by opening all events, (competitive and non-competitive) to Open Play, there should be no measurable reduction in your opportunities to play with EWGA OC.

If you go on our website you can see the planned 2017 event calendar.  In case you are unfamiliar or confused about what each of our event types are, here is a brief rundown:

Open Play - This year all events will be available for Open Play.  What exactly do we mean by Open Play?  This is non-competitive golf for fun and available for all skill levels.  There may be a game to participate in, such as fewest putts or closest to the pin, but these will always be optional.  If an event is scheduled for a competition such as Match Play or Stroke Play, those golfers, who don’t want to compete and just want a fun day on the course, will always have the opportunity to participate.

Fairway Friends – The past 3 years we have held separate Fairway Friends events for newer golfers to learn alongside more experienced golfer/mentors.  This year, while we won’t hold separate Fairway Friends events, any event labeled “Open Play”, will have accommodation for those wishing to learn and play with mentors.  In addition, we will have at least one event per month with a short skills clinic before golf.  While we are always looking for experienced golfers willing to be mentors for 1 or two rounds, we will not pair anyone outside of their comfort level.

Twilight Golf  (Open Play)– We will have 2 twilight events per month beginning in March.

Open Play Mondays – We will be having 1 Open Play Monday event per month.

Sister Chapter Events -    As of now we have two Sister Chapter events scheduled.  You can enjoy the same discounted rates as our sister chapters get and meet a lot of great ladies at the same time. The first is a weekend getaway February 17-19 with the Tucson chapter.  The second is an Open Play event with the San Diego Chapter at Temecula Creek on March 4th.  We expect to have more opportunities to play with other local chapters as the year progresses.

Match Play Qualifiers – These are match play competitive events for those wishing to earn points for the Cap Cup and the Cup teams.  These dates are also available for those who want to learn how to play Match Play as well as to those wanting to play casual Open Play golf.

Chapter Championship – This is a stroke play competitive event, the winners of which have the potential to move on to regional and national EWGA competitions.  This competition is flighted so you will only compete against those of your same skill or HC level.  This event will also be available for Scramble team competition and Open play.  I encourage all skill levels to participate in this fun and exciting event.

Roger Dunn Series – We will have four Roger Dunn events this year where players will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of stroke play competitions while earning and potentially winning Roger Dunn gift cards.  Again – also available for Open Play.

Majors – We are planning Six Major Golf events this year:

                  January 5th – Volunteer Appreciation Day COMPLETE     

February 25th – Kick-off

                  May 21st – Chapter Championship

                  July 22 – Open Invitational

                  October 8th – Play for P.I.N.K.

                  November 11th – Member Guest

President’s Cup – Starting in September, this is a bracketed match play competition   

Member Meet & Greet – We plan on two Social events, one in the Spring and one in the Fall, where members new and old can get to know each other better perhaps over a festive beverage and bucket of Balls.  There will be more information coming out about these soon.

Remember that none of our events are possible without the time and talents of our member volunteers.  If you are not involved – WE NEED YOUR HELP!   Please give me a shout if you have any questions, suggestions and want to volunteer.

See you at the Course!

Janis Cenedella
•; EWGA OC President
C (949) 279-4138

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