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The “Cal Cup” Match Play Tournament is almost here!

The 2016 Cal Cup Match Play Tournament will be played at the Rancho Canada Golf Course in Carmel, CA the weekend of October 22-23.

EWGA Orange County Chapter is sending a 12 member team to compete in the Ryder Cup style Match Play formats against other 12-member EWGA teams. The teams generally come from EWGA chapters in California and Nevada, and for this 2016 year there are teams from eight (8) EWGA chapters.

Competition Day 1 has two (2) formats, where 6 of OC’s players (3 pairs) partner in “Better Ball” competition, and 6 players (3 pairs) partner in the “Alternate Shot” competition – where partners take turns hitting one ball until that one ball is in the hole. Alternate Shot can be a challenging format, where you and your partner can hit the ball to all kinds of places and the other partner gets that next shot. What fun! There are 6 points available on Day 1 that a team can earn.

Competition Day 2 is the Singles format, where each OC player competes against a single player from one of the other seven teams. There are 12 points available on Day 2 that a team can earn.
History has shown that the winning team earns around 11 out of 18 points to be that year’s Cal Cup winner!

OC’s 2106 Cal Cup team is captained by Shelley Klick. The 12 team members are Gaye Thomson, Pat Godfrey, Teri Sitton, Kathleen Shinkai, Shelley Klick, Michelle Meanor, Jan Cenedella, Ok Hee Suh, Monika Oki, Sylvia Urbaniec, Judy Hoyt and Cameron Barrett.

OC’s team will be traveling to Carmel around Thursday October 20th, a possible practice round Friday October 21st, and the actual tournament days October 22-23. Let’s send good thoughts in our OC team’s direction! Mark your calendars for October 22 and 23 and send good ball bounces their way! 

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EWGA OC is pleased to welcome the following new members:  May - Perri Martin - Sandra larkin - Lori Millard - June - Kristine Bradshaw - Heather Herberger - Millie Culpepper - July - Nancy Lindsay - Cynthia Bobruk 

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