LPGA Amateur Championship Series

What is the LPGA Amatuer Championship?

Each year, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association holds the largest women's amateur golf competition in the world! Qualifying rounds are conducted on Chapter and Regional levels. There are five flights to accommodate all levels of golfers, plus a competitive scramble team option. Winners of each flight may advance through the qualifying rounds to compete in the LPGA Amateur Championship Finals.

2018 LPGA Amateur Championship Series
Portland Chapter Championship
July 15  (Register by June 28)
Stone Creek Golf Club, Oregon City
Total fee: $88, includes $50 EWGA entry fee and $38 golf, with cart and lunch (with $50 Chapter subsidy)
All players must ride for pace of play.
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Click here to register and pay on the national site.

Click here to view 2017 Chapter Championship results from Portland and ALL chapters.

Pacific Northwest District Semifinal 

Aug. 4 (Register by July 19)
OGA Golf Course, Woodburn 
Details and registration to come later. But this year, Portland Chapter winners will get to play at a local course in the regionals!
Click here to view 2017 Semifinal results from the Pacific Northwest and ALL regions.

LPGA Amateur Championship Finals

Oct. 12-13 (Register by Sept. 10)
Innisbrook Resort, Palm Harbor, FL
Details to come.
Click here to view 2017 Finals results.

At all stages of the LPGA Amateur Championship Series, the Low Gross and Low Net Stroke Play Champions in each flight are eligible to advance. The First-Place Intra-Chapter Team Scramble Competition winners are eligible to advance. Click here to visit the LPGA Amateur Championship website for all the details. 


Stroke Play Competition
Stroke Play competitors begin play in one of five flights based on their USGA Handicap Index at the Chapter Championship qualifying event. Updated Handicap Indexes will be required at every level of competition. Advancing players will be placed in respective flights based on their handicap index prior to the next level of competition.

Stroke Play Flights:
Championship - Handicaps 0.0 to 10.0
First Flight - Handicaps 10.1 to 17.0
Second Flight - Handicaps 17.1 to 24.0
Third Flight - Handicaps 24.1 to 32.0
Fourth Flight - Handicaps 32.1 and above 

Players with an index of 40.4 or greater will play to an index of 40.4.

Stroke play pairings will be determined by each player's handicap July 1 revision. No stroke play pairing requests will be accepted for the tournament. 

Intra-Chapter Team Scramble
A team handicap is the sum of each member’s individual Computation Factor, based upon her Handicap Index in effect as of the AHQ-approved Handicap Revision Date prior to the Chapter Championship. Determine each member’s Computation Factor using the following table and the each team member's Handicap Index:

Index Range = Handicap Computation Factor
10.0 or less = +2
10.1 – 17.0 = +1
17.1 – 24.0 = 0
24.1 – 32.0 = -1
32.1 or higher = -2

Assign the appropriate Computation Factor to each team member's individual Handicap Index. Add the four Computation Factors together to determine the Scramble Team Handicap. The total Team Handicap must not be more than +2 or less than –5. Teams with a Team Handicap that is greater than +2 will not be eligible to compete.  Additionally, teams must not have more than one team member with a 10.0 handicap index or lower at the Chapter level.

For example, the four players on a team have Handicap Index’s of 3.5, 19.1, 27.3, and 32.1. The Computation Factor assigned to each player respectively would be +2, 0, -1, and -2. The total scramble Team Handicap is -1. This Team Handicap Factor would be added to the team’s gross score. If the team shot a gross score of 70, their net score would be 69. 

To qualify, LPGA Amateur Golf Association members must:

  • Follow the registration guidelines distributed by your local Chapter
  • Select one of the two formats when you register: individual stroke play or four-woman team scramble
  • Be a female LPGA Amateur Golf Association member in good standing
  • Have a verifiable USGA or RCGA approved Handicap
  • Be an amateur as defined by USGA Rules of Amateur Status Questions

Email championship@ewgapdx.com