LPGA Amateur Cup

The LPGA Amateur Cup is an amateur match-play TEAM competition conducted under the direction of LPGA Women who Play Headquarters.
Competition is conducted in two stages:

Stage 1 - Regional Cup Qualifier
18 holes of Four-Ball* and 18 holes of Singles** completed over 2 days to determine the teams that will advance to The Cup Finals.

Stage 2 - The Cup Finals
18 holes of Four-Ball* and 18 holes of Singles** completed over 2 days.

Team Formation 
 Teams will consist of eight members. Chapters may form teams using a qualifying process or members may form teams on their own. Inter-Chapter teams with members from multiple Chapters are allowed. Chapters may field multiple teams. Teams may play at any Qualifier of their choice.

*Four Ball Match Play -
A match in which two players (a side) play their better ball against the better ball of two other players (the opposing side). All players play their own ball. The lower net score of the two players is the team score on the hole.

**Singles Match Play 
- A match in which one player plays against another player. Scoring is determined hole-by-hole.

Eligibility Criteria

LPGA Amateur Golf Association member in good standing
Be a female amateur golfer*
Have a verifiable USGA Handicap Index**
At least three (3)18-hole scores (or equivalent) must be posted to current year’s handicap record by the Regional Qualifier deadline.

*LPGA Amateur gender policy as adopted from the USGA applies
**When determining the course handicap for Qualifiers and Cup Finals, team members with indexes higher than 40.4 will play with a Course Handicap equal to that of a player with a 40.4 Handicap Index.