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Handicaps are an integral part of the game of golf and LPGA Amateurs Portland encourages all members to establish and maintain a handicap. A handicap, based on recent golf scores, is designed to be an indication of a player's potential ability and reflects the improvement a player makes over time. Additionally, handicaps make it possible for players of different abilities to compete fairly with one another. Whether it’s an organized competition or a casual outing with friends, handicaps make the game of golf fair and fun! Our Chapter offers members two options for establishing a handicap... 

GHIN (Golf Handicap & Information Network)

GHIN is the predominant handicapping service in the U.S.—offered by the USGA and administered through state golf associations. In our area, the Oregon Golf Association (OGA) is the GHIN administrator, and as an OGA member club our Chapter is able to offer GHIN membership as a pass-through service to our members at an annual cost of $37. All GHIN Handicap accounts are on a calendar year; the fee is $37 regardless of when you register.

Click to create, renew or transfer a GHIN account. [Transfers: If you have a GHIN Handicap through another OGA Club and would like us to transfer your affiliation to our Chapter, you will still need to pay the $37 annual fee. Your GHIN number will remain the same.]

Benefits of a GHIN/OGA membership:
  - Post scores online at or at pro shop GHIN terminals
  - Twice monthly Index updates (& printable handicap card) via email
  - View scoring history
  - Track personal game statistics in your eGolfer profile at
  - Eligible to compete in competitions that require a GHIN handicap
  - Membership in Pacific Northwest Golf Association
  - Subscription to Pacific Northwest Golfer Magazine (6 issues per year)
  - Discounts on golf at the OGA Golf Course
  - Discounts on OGA Tour events
  - Additional benefits offered by corporate partners

Your GHIN membership also helps fund OGA services & programs including: 
handicap & rules education, course rating, turfgrass research, state
amateur and scholastic championships.
GolfNet Service

GolfNet is an alternative handicapping system that's included—at no extra cost—with your LPGA Amateurs membership. GolfNet handicaps are sanctioned by USGA and follow all USGA handicap rules. [Note: 2019 will be the last year GolfNet will be free for LPGA Am members. As of Jan 1 2020, you may continue your Golfnet service, but will have to pay.]

Benefits of GolfNet:
- It's included in your membership!

- Post scores through the LPGA Amateurs Member Clubhouse  website.
- Print a handicap card from your GolfNet account
- View your scoring history.
- Track personal game statistics.
- Maintain a personal golf calendar.
- Access 20,000+ golf course profiles.
- Communicate with other members.
- Attest scores for other members.

Getting started:
Log in at the LPGA Amateurs Member Portal.
After logging in, click on My Handicap and then Post A Score

Questions? Email Handicap Chair Jeanne Biggerstaff at